Off the Top of My Head: Painting 40k Scenery

Off The Top of My Head

Wrahammer 40k and Citadel Scenery Painting

Official TableTop Day has come and gone but those of us who play table top games every day can be a table top day.  40k isn’t usually thought of in the same realm as “table top  games” even though it truly is.  I consider it almost a “table top lifestyle” as it really starts to seep into your thinking and, for an artist, your aesthetic.

Painting canvas isn’t something I do well or enjoy, unlike my RevPub Player 2, but I do love to paint models. and as I said in my Nazdreg post I love to create bases. One of my other favorite things to paint is scenery. Games Workshop/Citadel release some great-looking scenery for 40k. I love the little details and terrain pieces, especially rubble and ruins, and it’s fun to try to test some painting techniques on them.

These are from the Urban Barricades set and I painted them last year. With some of the new technical paints out now I’d like to maybe add some new touches to them, but I think they came out pretty well, at least well enough to be table ready!

20140406_191117 20140406_191223

I love this one with the Space Marine bike.

20140406_191257 20140406_191137 20140406_191156 20140406_191236 20140406_191242 20140406_191129

All the little skeletons and pieces are great small details.


This one with the door and unexploded ordinance is also wonderfully detailed.  I like the bullet holes, battle damage, and debris in these pieces.

 Over the holidays Citadel released some new technical paints that got me pretty excited. Yes I’m lame enough to get excited over technical paints, but I like to paint, I have a lot of fun with scenery, and I’ve been waiting for these kinds of paints to be available.

One of my favorite scenery pieces is the “battlescape” piece with the dead trees, craters, and the wrecked Rhino, complete with combat damage and customizable doors.

Metropolitan Government-20131127-00573 Metropolitan Government-20131128-00574

The base was basic Mournfang Brown then dry brushed with Longbeard Grey and Praxeti White.

20140406_190325 20140406_190253

The trees were the most difficult actually, I started with more Mournfang, dry brushed Praxeti, shaded with Biel-Tan Green, and glazed with Waywatcher Green.

Metropolitan Government-20131128-00576 Metropolitan Government-20131128-00575 20140406_190242 20140406_190232 20140406_190222

The Rhino I painted in Macragge Blue, then used the Typhus Corrosion + Ryza Rust combination shown in the technical paints video released late last year.  I also used some Forge World rust weathering powder to give the impression of the rust running off into the terrain.


The craters I plan to add some water effect mixed with some combination of Moot Green and Skavenblight Dinge to make a murky green with a bit of oil. I’ve got an extra arm from an Ungor kit and some extra chaos bits so it’s not just the imperium showing the damage in this piece 😉

 Once the piece is completely finished (I’m still testing the water effect…) I’ll post an update!

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And for more 40k my Kharn illustration posts! Part 1 and Part 2.  And my fond farewell to the World of Battle.

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