Dragon Tales: Experiences at DragonCon Part 2

Cosplaying it Up

In my last post I mentioned Cosplaying at the con.  Cosplaying is a huge part of just about every kind of convention now and one of the best aspects of going to a con is seeing the effort and work participants put into their costumes and the terrific creativity on display.

Everyone is appreciated no matter the skill and everyone is there to enjoy and not judge.  it a great atmosphere, especially for new cosplayers. This was my first year in costume to a con like this and I found it to be an amazing experience.  I was stopped for pictures with con-goers and other cosplayers.  Mad Max and Nux stopped me to ask me how I made some of the material.  I got fist bumps from random strangers out of appreciation.  And most of my costume was done on the cheap!

Here are some of my favorites from the Con:

A great Mr Oogie Boogie. That’s a deceptively difficult costume, especially to get the face right!
This Mr Freeze was a show stopper. All those lighting effects and crafted armor pieces, not to mention the freeze ray!
An excellent Tidus. The costume crafting and weapon were terrific!
Dr Doom! One great thing about taking pictures of cosplayers is how each one usually has an in-character pose they use for their pictures.
We loved this master shake. Again it looks simpler than it is but it’s still a basic idea and the simplicity of the costume matches the art style of the show.
We saw this Penguin from Batman Returns several times and had to get a shot of him.


I lost it when I saw this Nurgle Chaos Terminator. It was a very creative construction and looked great!
Mugatu was in character all night and even won the prize in a costume contest.
My best friend’s wife went as Elektra from Netflix’s Daredevil. It was a very creatively compiled costume!
She went as Psylocke on day two. She made everything herself!
She went as Psylocke on day two. She made everything herself!
My Judge Dredd. Even though I felt it was incomplete it got a lot of positive reactions.
I got to pose with Cobra Commander!


Kylo Ren even asked me to dance!

Cosplaying is so much fun and so empowering I highly recommend it.  Even if you’re an obsessive introvert like me who obsesses about accuracy and details, you’ll be surprised how many people just love that you’re there in costume.  No one sees the missing details, trust me!  It’s all about fun and for me it was the most enjoyable part of the con.

Dragon Tales: Experiences at DragonCon Part 1

Atmosphere and Impressions

I’ve only ever attended smaller conventions.  While there are still crowds, panels, and interesting sights attending a large convention is a completely different experience.  So how about one that attracts half a million people to Atlanta in September?  This was my first year at DragonCon and it was a terrific experience.  I thought I’d share some general thoughts on the Con and then get into detailed thoughts in future posts.

DragonCon night at the GA Aquarium. One of the many outside events taking place during the weekend.
DragonCon night at the GA Aquarium. One of the many outside events taking place during the weekend.
  • Atmosphere: One of the great things about attending a broad topic-specific convention is that everyone is there because of their love of something. You might like video games, maybe comic books, maybe sci-fi TV or movies, or is it horror-fantasy?  You’ll find fans of all of them and everyone is there to celebrate these things.  Despite the general nerd/geek tendency to harp on minor complaints I saw very little negativity at the con at all.  Even in long lines, during the long walks, or amidst crowded food courts.  The only complaints I heard revolved around waiting for shuttles (which were free, so complaints were minimum) and being stuck in the parade crowd (because people really didn’t have any idea how to navigate through a crowd…)  Other than that, even with a couple of potentially big SNAFUs, it was just a good atmosphere of positivity and enjoyment.
You never know what you'll see. That's a 1:1 scale (No Pun Intended) Toothless. you could pose with him for charity.
You never know what you’ll see. That’s a 1:1 scale (No Pun Intended) Toothless. You could pose with him for charity.
  • Seeing the Sites: The first full day of the Con (we got our badges Thursday night but that doesn’t count) we spent the morning in the Sheraton watching the Friday morning crowds. Everywhere you looked were cosplayers of all levels happily posing with ecstatic fans.  The vendor halls are packed with unique items you can’t find anywhere else.  Arcade machines are set up free-to-plan, gaming tables are everywhere for every conceivable type of game.  Themed parties take place at all hours and many of the local restaurants have convention-themed menu items.  Celebrities  can be seen talking with fans and in one case even playing an RPG for fans’ amusement.  It’s not just a convention of fans it’s a convention of all the peripheral activities fans love.
Team Cosplay is amazing. This is a spot-on Tidus, Yuna, and Wakka. He even had a Blitzball! (not pictured)
Team Cosplay is amazing. This is a spot-on Tidus, Yuna, and Wakka. He even had a Blitzball!
  • Cosplay Love: I’ll do a fuller post on Cosplaying at the Con, but one aspect that shows the best side of fandom is how loved and accepted all cosplayers are. You of course have highly skilled professionals or near professionals who have spent a lot of time and money perfecting screen-or-page-perfect costumes.  But you also have creative people who have used the means they have to make great costumes, or even knowingly cheesy or goofy costumes and wear them proudly.  What makes this a wonderful experience is that all of these cosplayers receive equal love from fans.  People of all genders, shapes, and sizes playing characters they love and fans accept them with joy and excitement.  It’s hard to find a more welcoming community, especially for beginning cosplayers…but more on that next time.

I loved the Con and I’m actually eager for next year.  Next post will focus specifically on the cosplay experience!


Dragon Dredd: Judge Dredd Costume for DragonCon Complete!

With DragonCon this week I thought I’d share an update of my Dredd costume.  I didn’t have the money to make it as 100% as I’d hoped but with the stuff I already had plus some creativity I think it turned out pretty well!


The helmet was the most difficult part.  Fiberglass is brittle and nasty to cut but by adding a $5 motorcycle helmet visor (which was very difficult to cut to fit, who would have thought chopping up DOT legal vehicle equipment would be so hard!?) and the padding (made from PC component packing) it ended up being pretty sturdy!


The kneepads I got for less than $10 from a store closing.  They work well enough.  Next time I’ll add the Megacity-style ridges to them to make them more legit.  Those are East German Army Boots I’ve had since high school.  I’ve got around four pairs so I wouldn’t mind trying to modify some of those for a more 2000AD style Judge Dredd for future costumes!


It was a lot of fun to put together and while, yes I’ll roast in the September Atlanta sun, I’m looking forward to being at least one Megacity Judge at the con this year!



Off The Top of My Head

Living With OCD: My Experience

Off The Top of My Head

Over the last decade or so the portrayal of Obsessive Compulsive Disorders in entertainment and media has ranged from being charming quirks to near superpowers.  While the exposure OCDs have received has been beneficial, I’ve never seen a depiction that comes anywhere close to how my personal OCDs affect my everyday life.

Now, everyone is different and manifestations of OCDs are extremely varied, so I can only share my experiences living from day-to-day with a brain that often times won’t turn off, or won’t let go.

What Aren’t My OCDs

The first thing people think of when discussing OCDs is germaphobia, cleanliness, and uniformity.  Mostly because that’s what they see on TV.  For my own purposes none of those are a part of my OCDs.

I don’t obsess over getting sick or washing my hands (though this is one of my dad’s manifestations).  I do like to maintain a certain level of neatness, and I do prefer to have things like movies, books, etc in a certain order.  The difference is, in my case, I’m not compelled to do these things and I don’t obsess when they aren’t done that way.  I prefer to have my place be neat and orderly, but admittedly, by the end of a week I may have clothes in the floor or dishes in the sink.  I always keep my movies in alphabetical order, but if I find one out of place I never go through and make sure they are all correct, or am even compelled to fix it.  Sometimes I’ll just “fix it when I feel like it.”  I like having items symmetrical and at right angles.  If that doesn’t work or look good though I go for what’s aesthetically best.  Hell even my desire to separate my gummi bears into color isn’t done for obsessive reasons.  I just like to eat them in preference of flavor.  And I don’t have to do it or even need to do it all the time.  Just if I want to save the best for last.  These read as neither obsessions nor compulsions to me.  Merely preferences.  Tastes in how I like my environment but nothing is driving me to do these things or troubling me if I don’t.  My obsessions and compulsions are very different.

My First OCDs

When I was a kid there was a local mall that had 12 inch tan tiles in blocks of about ten or so in a square and after every block of around ten there would be dark brown tiles at the corners.  I used to make a game out of walking only in the tan tiles.  Never stepping on seams between them and never stepping on the dark brown tiles or a row where there were dark brown tiles.  At the time I thought it was just a game I was making up but it’s hard to describe then tenseness or tingling sensation that I would feel when I nearly stepped on a seam, or even worse the anxiety I’d feel when I almost stepped in a row with a dark brown tile.  A 7 year old me altering how I stepped and walked just to make sure I didn’t step on anything but tan tiles and never in seams.  Though of course I didn’t realize it at the time but that was the first manifestation I can recall.

The floor looked a lot like this one. Only the gray tiles here were tan and the off white tiles here were dark brown.

Thankfully: A.) I never go to the mall anymore and B.) They’ve carpeted so if I do go there it’s no big deal and C.) They’ve changed modern architecture design so that kind of pattern isn’t common anymore.  Even though this doesn’t seem like a major deal, having to keep track of something so minor at a very specific place, it is a perfect representation of how my own OCDs impact my everyday life.  Just in this example image how much mental energy, time, and focus was spent making sure I didn’t step a certain way.  This is a theme that runs through all the ways my OCDs manifest themselves.  And it’s the hardest aspect to explain.  Imagine going through your day, and even excelling at tasks, but a portion of your mind is always keeping up with nonessential tasks that it just can’t stop doing…  What kind of tasks?  Well…

The Count

I count a lot.  I count everything.  I count to nothing from nothing and for no reason.  I’ll often count going up stairs (1, 2, 3, 4…) then when I get to a landing start counting down starting from a different number even though I’m still walking up (10, 9, 8, 7…).  I’ll count up to 8 then pick up at 80 and count up from there then count down from 100 when I reach it.  I’ll count the number of times I’ll wash a plate, not because I need to wash it a certain number of times, just to be counting.  And often I don’t start at 1.  I’ll be washing and just start counting “9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.”  Just a constant count of numbers that is going on all the time.  So often I can’t even imagine how many times I’m doing it and don’t notice.  I only notice when I catch myself and then I’ll realize I’ve been doing it for a long, long time.

The Mind Loop

This is an excessively difficult one to describe but it is one that has the worst impact on me.  I’ll get a name, concept, song, movie, line of dialogue, whatever in my head.  And it will repeat.  It’ll repeat over, and over, and over.  I’ll say it out loud.  If it’s just one word I’ll say the one word.  I might say it over and over.  While I’m driving, or working, or even talking to someone.  For example someone will say “pizza” at work.  I’ll think, “Pizza.  Pizza sounds good.”  Then I’ll think, “I really don’t need it, it makes me a bit queasy, I don’t feel like stopping, and I don’t really have the money.”  But in my mind, “Pizza, pizza, pizza.”  I’ll be driving home and say , “Pizza.”  And it won’t stop until I get pizza.  The same goes for a line of dialogue in a movie, I’ll remember a certain phrase or scene and it will repeat over and over until I watch the movie.  Sometimes I’ll have to watch it over and over until I’m well tired of it and won’t watch it again for a long time.  Sometimes it’ll go on like that for days.  The worst part is when something loops that makes me want to buy things.  Things I really don’t need and shouldn’t be spending money on.  I’ve been able to curtail this one for the most part but for a few years anything I got into (Anime, Star Wars, etc.) I just thought about the things until I bought loads of stuff.  I’ve gotten into the “selling” of that stuff right now.  Which is healthier in a number of ways.  But it doesn’t stop the loop…

Another version is replaying events over and over.  Overanalyzing things that were said or done amd playing them over and over and over.  An example would be saying something to a co-worker and wondering if they took it the wrong way.  Worrying about it all weekend, and then apologizing the next week only to find they didn’t even know what you’re talking about.  It’s fun…

The Wormhole

Many might call this tunnel vision, but for me at least it’s far more serious.  The Wormhole is what I call my inability to progress on something outside of a predestined concept or series of concepts my brain lays out.  It’s something my dad does too and his most common version is the simplest way to explain it.  He’ll ask me a question, “Hey did you go ahead and-“ and I’ll know what he’s asking from context and answer, “Take the car in?  Yeah I had to.  The oil was getting low and it might be dangerous.”  But he can’t not finish the question and will continue after I’ve answered, “-take the car in?  The oil was low.  If it gets too low it can get dangerous.”  That’s the simplest version but imagine that in bigger concept.  An attractive girl asks if you want to go shopping with them.  You say “sure!” That’d be a nice way to spend an evening getting to know someone.  You meet them and they go out on a limb and say, “You know it might be fun to stay in, I can cook you some dinner!”  And what’s the first thing I think and say, “I thought we were going shopping.”  Because that’s what was all laid out in your head.  You can imagine the reaction that kind of thing can get.  And that’s just one example.  During conversations, working, anything going on, you are paying 100% attention.  You’re able to be in that moment, it’s not like you’re head’s in the cloud.  But your mind creates its next course of action or attempts to complete a predestined pattern and breaking that is nearly impossible.  Because you don’t realize you’re doing it.  Not until you’re thinking about it later and it turns into the mind loop mentioned above…

Living With It

How do I live with what I call my “broken brain” (a term renounced by the person who understood my mental strangeness the best)?  As I’ve said it can be exhausting.  You don’t know why you’re so tired.  Why you can’t think to write or be creative or be social.  It takes so much extra mental energy to do anything that often you find you’re completely burned out just from daily activities.

So how do I cope?  Not medications.  I know too many people who have had terrible reactions from medications.  The best I can do is do activities that bring me what I call my “Zen.”  Boxing, writing, playing guitar, painting, drawing, all of these things I’ve found take up all of my mind.  And silence the noise a bit.  I’ve never found myself counting lines drawn or obsessing over how a picture appeared in my head rather than how it looked on the page (I did once get punch counters for boxing and stopped using them. I found myself obsessively never throwing fewer punches than I did the previous day.  I got to well over 2000 each hand before I realized it was taking the fun out of it…) But these activities can quiet the demons, even if only for a while but often they are the activities that suffer the most from my daily mental exhaustion.  It’s hard to find the will to write or draw when your mind has spent ten hours socializing at work, doing your job, counting randomly throughout the day, repeating ten things over and over, and anchoring important conversations with the singular concepts stuck in your head.

I didn’t write this to complain or receive pity.  I’ve never actually listed out the most persistent of my personal OCDs and felt expressing them might be a way to try to manage them.  I noticed when I catch myself counting I stop counting.  So maybe if I can catch some of the others I can control them as well.  And there’s another reason I thought I’d share these.  I was over thirty before I realized counting even was a manifestation of OCDs.  When you live with them you don’t think about them they’re just a part of you.  It took reading Jeremy Wade’s River Monsters companion book and finding out it was one of his personal OCDs before I realized I did it too.  And that’s one of my most consistent and persistent manifestations.  So hopefully someone will read this, see something they didn’t know they did, and it’ll help them identify and maybe manage their OCDs a bit better too.  And maybe help them find their version Zen.

Warhammer Fantasy Painting: Skarsnik!

Skarsnik is one of my favorite Warhammer characters.  The so-called warlord of the Eight Peaks (I’m a Queek Headtaker fan so I dispute that) has a great personality, a weirdo backstory, and some creative tabletop rules that include his wonderful partner-in-crime Gobbla.

I got my model (as I’ve gotten many of my favs, see Taurox the Brass Bull) off of eBay damaged.  I actually like damaged models.  You get them cheap and  give you tons of chances for creativity.  You can use your own parts to replace missing ones and even completely change a model entirely.  It’s ton’s of fun and economical.

I had to add my own spikes to Skarsnik’s back and replace his sickle-sword but that was just part of the fun.  I give you my Skarsnik:

20160802_184122 20160802_184111 20160802_184104 20160802_184050 20160802_184040

Warhammer Fantasy Painting: Night Goblin Big Boss on Great Cave Squig

So here’s a fact: I like squigs.  I don’t know why but I can’t get enough squig units or squig related models.

After finishing my wyvern and liking the way his squiggy shield turned out I moved on to paint my Night Goblin Bigboss on a Great Cave Squig.

First off I love this model.  The posture of the gobbo looks like he’s barely holding on to his bounding mount and the squig is wonderfully expressive and full of personality.


I went classic on all the colors. The night goblin boss is wearing traditional black robed with a bit of blue edging.

I was pretty happy with the helmet too, as it’s clear it was looted from dwarfs.


But the squig is where it’s at in this model.

His massive teeth are incredibly fun to paint and I haven’t had a chance to paint real bone so clearly in previous models.


I was running low on 40mm bases so I repurposed one from a troll.  It worked pretty well as the pre-textured based made for nice cave environment.


Next week, the biggest Night Goblin boss with the greatest squig of them all (may he rest in peace…)