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Raven Petty (R. Petty) is passionate about grammar. Seriously. She loves the English language, which is why she majored in it, and thrives on pointing out people’s mistakes. She loves to read and is hoping to develop her writing and social media skills as well. Raven is currently a proofreading manager and also the author of College Prowler’s College Guidebook to Tennessee State University. She has written about the Nashville rock music scene for Examiner.com, blogged and written for Livability.com, and is currently working on a large project she hopes to unveil in the next couple of years. Because she gets bored easily, her hobbies vary from reading, yoga, and knitting to movies, concerts, and fast cars. Yes, she has seen her fair share of street races.

Some favorite things include: U2, TOOL, Korn, the Harry Potter series, Pulp Fiction, horror movies, Supernatural, Psych, Lamborghini, her 350Z, spending time with friends family, making fun of stupid people, and laughing at herself and others.

James Castro  is an illustrator, writer, and aspiring graphic novelist who liked history enough at one point to major in it in college and find work in the history field.  Though currently a graduate student closing in on an MA in Military History, his creative projects are what he enjoys the most.  He has two expansive and very different graphic novel concepts he hopes to produce independently in the near future.  Like the other Revenant Publications author his interests are wide and varied including reading, boxing, martial arts, guitar, watching movies, playing games, Japanese history, and caring for his unusual menagerie.

He also loves music of all kinds (from Kodoto Notorious B.I.G. and Bach to Guns N’ Roses) and enjoys River Monsters, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Psych, Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series, Warhammer 40k (FOR THE EMPEROR!), Kurosawa movies, and … of course … making fun of stupid people with Raven.  They are everywhere … all the time.

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