Realm of Battle Sector Imperialis COMPLETED!

Off The Top of My Head

So it finally happened.  Over the weekend I took two days and completed the Sector Imperialis Realm of Battle board I started 2+ years ago!

Again following on from our lord and savior, Duncan Rhodes, I used the techniques he detailed to complete the painting!


Using pre-printed gaming mats is easy and fast, but for drama and detail it’s hard to beat this board.  Tt’s flexibility (six tiles that can arranged in various ways) and aesthetic are hard to beat.

20170219_185348You can see the tiny bit of Nurgle’s Rot I added to the open sewers for effect.

20170219_185514In Rhodes’ terrific tutorial he suggested using washes of varying colors to add character to the road.  This worked VERY well.  Here you can see the colors he recommended, Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade, and Athonian Camoshade with Dawnstone drybrushed over it.  You can also see the gutters.  They have also been washed with all three and finished with some Typhus Corrosion.  A bit of Typhus Corrosion was also added to the detritus in the gutters to unify the look.


Other than Skavenblight Dinge, which was used for all the road and stone sections, my Leadbelcher stock took a big hit.  All this metal…  Here the metal floows and mechanical components are displayed.  All were washed in Nuln and drybrushed with Necron Compound.


These bronze sections are some of my favorite pieces.  They were based in Balthasar Gold, washed in Nuln Oil, drybrushed with Necron Compound, and detailed with Nihilakh Oxide.


One of the crypt sections and one of the eagles I wanted a marble effect.  They were based in Ceramite White, washed in Drakenhof Nightshade, and drybrushed with Prixati White.

If you’re thinking of painting one of these beware…you’ll get through some paint, this handful got me through about half of it:


This was a great project and one I may be detailing and changing periodically as I use it.  It’s a great central piece and if you have one a fun project!

6 thoughts on “Realm of Battle Sector Imperialis COMPLETED!

    1. James Castro

      It was pretty close to Duncan’s recommendations with a few twists to add some difference. It’s some mournfang brown washed with agrax and athonian camoshade in some parts. Dry brushed with either longbeard grey or tyrant skull to add a bit of additional variation.

      1. RickJ

        Thanks for your prompt reply, James. I’ve just ordered mine. Though I’m an airbrusher as well, I plan on doing mostly brushwork on the tiles aside of some OSL and lighting effects.

        The table you’ve placed the tiles is in gorgeous. Was it made specifically for the gaming table?

        1. James Castro

          Its a fun item to paint but it sucks up a TON of paints. I got larger brushes and a traditional painters pallet just to manage it. It is best to have them all connected and paint them all at once like Duncan says so you make sure they all match.
          Thanks about the table! It is made specifically to be a gaming table. It’s inner area is 4×6 and it has a raised lip to keep items in place. My father and I made it and it is designed to be light and come apart easily for moving.

    1. James Castro

      The table is home made actually. It incorporated a lip around the edge in order to facilitate 4×6 tiles to set in without moving around.

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