Off the Edge #3: Random Annoyances

Off the Edge

As anyone with the internet, a PC, a car, or a television…I get a little tired of things sometimes.  Not just typical annoying things, but other things that might seem harmless, or even wildly popular, but for some reason I just get incredibly weary of some aspects about the culture and just life in general.  Just for fun (bring it on internet) I thought I’d do a list of the things that have been especially annoying recently in no particular order:

  • People: They’re rude, selfish, and needlessly hateful.  In fact it’s such a surprise when someone is civil you aren’t quite sure how to take it.  When you get the note from the guy who scratched your car or a “thanks for the tip” on a youtube comment it’s stunning.
  • Reality TV: I used to wonder when this trend would end.  I don’t think it will.  There are way too many shows with washed-up celebrities and/or “regular people” competing or behaving stupidly on TV.  I only turn my television on for 2-3 shows.  If I see one more person crying on TV I may just wait til things show up online and give up cable altogether…
  • Dropping Things: How do they vanish into oblivion?  I dropped it straight down.  I can understand it might bounce an inch or two but how did it get 12 feet away underneath the aquarium?
  • Parking: How on earth do people NOT hit the lines?  Ok we all can leave a poor attempt at parking on occasion but I’ve noticed a LOT of people park consistently badly and leave it.  When you use the same parking lot every day you can see the same white truck or the same blue car crooked over the lines.  If they have that much trouble with painted lines while stationary I live in fear of how they deal with them while moving.
  • Hipsters: What pop-culture crypt spawned these foul creatures?  They’re this generation’s beatniks; only instead of being annoying poets they mostly just criticize annoying poets.  For not being annoying enough.  That’s a double whammy.
  • Geek Culture: NOT geeks.  I have no issue with dorks since I’m a huge dork myself, but it’s more the marketing toward geek culture that drives me insane and how people wear geek culture like a jacket now.  It used to be geek culture was driven by the geeks.  Now people become geeks the way they become raver-kids or goths, they wear the clothes, watch the TV shows, and learn some lingo.  It’s just what is popular right now.
  • Movies in CGI: Yeah that’s what it is now.  No more CGI in movies.  It’s more movies that are CGI.  They’re all CGI.  People don’t build sets anymore just green screens.  No one builds props anymore, they’re just rendered.  I’d rather see something in front of the camera than see an undulating cartoon character or more pixelated fire.  I don’t think I could take seeing another computer-generated army running at another computer-generated army.
  • Model Glue: Why does it stick my fingers together better than the model parts?
  • Fanboyism: Sometimes people just can’t see the problems with their own beloved obsessions.  Nothing is ALL good and what is good, better, and best is all a matter of personal opinion.  So what’s with all the flame wars?
  • Apple: I know there are scores of Mac lovers but honestly I find Apple’s practices as insidious as anyone’s…probably more-so.  The big problem is some publishers ONLY publish their digital material in the iTunes store…to get it you have to have iJunk.  So to get a 15 dollar book I need a 300 dollar device…
  • Traffic: I’ve noticed nearly all traffic problems are caused by selfish and/or over-reactive people.  One jackass stops or pulls out in front of everyone and that spot will sometimes create a chain-reaction back-up for hours.
  • Haters: People who only find the negative in things.  “It’s a great ::blank:: but it has this stupid thing.” Or “It would’ve been perfect but ::whatever:: ruined it.”  And yes, I see the irony in having haters on a list about things that annoy me!

 That’s all I can think of now.  Again, this is just me.  We’re all allowed our opinions so feel free to disagree!

And as usual, it’s all just good fun 🙂

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