5 Reasons You Should Subscribe to Entertainment Weekly

It’s one of my rituals. Every Friday night I sit in my recliner with a bottle of water and my Entertainment Weekly. I hate and love double issues because they postpone the next issue, and it’s the only magazine I have consistently subscribed to. So, why is it so great? In an age where people don’t have time to sit and read, it’s a perfect fit.

  1. It’s pop-culture news. EW is not a gossip magazine. Most times, you won’t see unappealing photos of someone in a bathing suit or read crap about baby daddies. There are real articles, interviews, and info on what happened that week.
  2. Quickly catch up on what you missed. In my work kitchen the news is on all day. I stay current on big events, but I want to know what movies did well and what’s coming up. It’s a fast read. I can read the entire magazine in 20-30 minutes. It’s like a crash course in entertainment.
  3. It’s funny. I love the Bullseye section and the Sound Bites. There are other columns and little boxes that spotlight the week’s funniest or most horrible moments. In some, they poke fun of or praise a celebrity in a tactful, fun way. It’s more than bashing; it’s clever, fun, and witty.
  4. Finding new stuff. I have to thank EW for The Hunger Games trilogy, Bates Motel, and calendars I use to plan by weekend and DVRd movies and shows. Without the magazine, I would have no idea these things existed, and when what was coming out.
  5. Learning things about your favorite people and things. I love reading interviews with my favorite celebs or skimming a review on something I’m uncertain about. The magazine is a great way to decide to purchase or watch.

As with everything, there are a few things they lack. They have failed to mention Psych recently and sometimes focus too heavily on certain subjects. That aside, it’s a wonderful edition to the weekend, and I hope you will find the time to check it out. If you love movies, TV, music, and books, it’s really the only magazine to have in the house.

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