Lil’ Horsemen Update!

Lil Horsemen Logo

I mentioned in my post way back on May 22 and again on June 6 that Revenant Publications’ first actual publication would be based on the Lil Horsemen of the Apocalypse concept I created back in 1998 (first story in 1996 now that I think of it…)  I thought now would be a good time to update everyone on our progress.  To date ALL principle artwork is complete!  This was some 58+ individual hand drawings I did in the intervening time between the project’s announcement and now.  Also, more than a dozen background landscapes and interiors were created.  The fairer-half of RevPub did a wonderful job inking all my pencils and I’m now ten pages in to the process of doing page layouts for the finished publication (which I’m now believing will be between 25-35 pages depending on how layouts end up).  There are still a few stages to go but it is pretty much on schedule and will be coming to a RevPub post soon!

This is my first real publication project and, even though it’s being produced entirely in-house from the hard work of the two RevPub partners, it is an incredible rush to see these characters who, as of yet, lived only in my head with my other series’ characters and my multiple personalities.  It’s been an eye-opener to work on it, one of those “this may actually be something I could enjoy doing for the rest of my life” projects.

So it will be coming soon and I just hope it’ll be as entertaining to read as it has been to produce.

Lil Grimmy Reaper Color Test
Grimmy is waiting patiently!
Skirmish is waiting impatiently…

Stay Tuned

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