Things to come! – A Tiny Preview of “Lil’ Horsemen”

Big things are in the works at Revenant Publications.  Or medium-sized to big things at least.  Anyone who saw the Lil Grimmy Reaper & Skirmish post from May 22nd will know the direction we’re headed, and anyone who’s been keeping up with the “Illustrator’s Foray” posts know I’ve been learning the software in a Google+YouTube taught accelerated fashion.  I’ve got a couple more tutorials I’ve found (showing various trace and coloring tools) coming up that have helped me immensely, but until then I thought a taste of things to come would be a nice teaser.

I’ve been writing and planning no fewer than three comic series of various sizes, scopes, and complexity since middle school (yeah…s’been a while…) and I’m just now, with the motivation provided by the fairer-half of RevPub, on the cusp of publishing the first one, which will premiere on hopefully toward the end of summer or beginning of fall.  It’s the first time since I’ve started working on them that I really feel like this will happen and it’s the most exciting creative rush I think I’ve ever had.  It’s one thing to have ideas…it’s completely different to actually see your plans, writing, and concepts start to come together.  Starting with the project of the least complexity, but potentially the most charm, we’re preparing to publish the graphic novelization of a concept that started with a little story written for sophomore English class in 1996 and came to maturity as a short story I wrote in creative writing class as a high school senior in 1998.   This will eventually (hopefully) spread into a simple-paneled comic series published to RevPub with some regularity.

I give you the Lil’ Horsemen logo, as designed in Illustrator using all the tools I’ve learned and figured out on my own over the past two months:

Lil Horsemen
All the Lil Horsemen are represented in the logo! Including them all was harder than it might seem…

As was mentioned in the May 22nd post. I think of it as”Muppet Babies in Hell” and follows the adventures of the Little Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the youngest children of the real Four Horsemen.  It’s a fun, grim series and will hopefully be a taste of more great things to come from Revenant Publications!

Stay tuned!

Stay Tuned

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