“Lil” Grimmy Reaper & Skirmish

In the “Coming Soon” category (sometime in the future) is a continuing series based on characters and a world I created in 1998 for a creative writing class in High School, the world of the Lil Horsemen.  It’s like Muppet Babies…but in Hell…  (In case you were wondering the assignment was “A children’s story that teaches a lesson”)

Copyright Revenant Pulications 1998

Above: Lil Grimmy Reaper, youngest son of Death, and his favorite stuffed toy Ded Bär.

Below: Skirmish von Grossenkreeg, youngest son of War, and his mighty steed, “Fence.”

Copyright Revenant Publications 1998

Coming Soon the remaining two horsemen, Smally Pox and Anna Rexa.  Stayed tuned to see their adventures!

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