100th Post: And Now for a Taste of Things to Come!

When Raven and I started RevPub we wanted to have an outlet for all of our random thoughts, opinions, and interests.  We love posting our topics every week and find lots of new topics and threads we can follow and share with our readers.  Though we enjoy our weekly posts we never lose sight on our true goal, and that is to find a venue for our creative works.

Last October we introduced our first (and for me monumental) publication, Lil Horsemen #1: How Death and War Postponed the Apocalypse, a story I wrote as a teenager finally brought to full-color life as a graphic novel.  This was only the beginning of things and we have more Lil Horsemen and other series to come.

This post, as it’s our one-hundredth, I thought it would be a good time to share what we have in store for this year and beyond.

In the Spring/Summer of 2013 we’ll introduce the second adventure of Grimmy and Skirmish in Lil Horsemen #2: The Soulless Shoes.  This issue will introduce the other two Lil Horsemen, Smally Pox and Faminista.

(Sorry for the scan quality, I only had access to a consumer scanner this week…)

Below is the first design of Smally Pox!


And Faminista with her lil dog Fam-Fam:


By the end of this year we also hope to introduce the first installment of a continuing, more traditional, graphic novel action series, Bloody Bantam IV.  Introducing the gunslinging swordsman character, Bantam IV, aka “Quad the Merciless!”  I’m truly excited about this series.  I have the story arch planned and this, unlike the random fun of Lil Horsemen, is more of a traditional narrative.

These major projects aren’t all; we also have planned several new post series; a few one-shot comics; at least one more BIG Lil Horsemen adventure and several mini-adventures; new t-shirts and merchandise; and eventually the series to which Revenant Publications owes its namesake…

Here’s to 100 more posts!  Thanks for reading!

Lil Horsemen Original Art

Lil Horsemen Logo

Thanks to everyone who read RevPub’s very first publication, Lil Horsemen #1: How Death and War Postponed the Apocalypse.  I thought I’d share some of the art that went into the creation of the book.  All the character art was pencil-drawn and the first issue consisted of more than 55 individual character drawings and dozens of computer-rendered pieces.  Seeing as how this is a relatively simple story, it makes me wonder how my more ambitious stories will go!
Here are a couple of my favorites.  In the next couple of weeks, while I’m in the planning stages of Issue #2 I’ll post some more of my favorite original pencils from this issue.  I absolutely love the way the final issue came out, but I still like to look at the original pencils and see how it all started.
Skirmish ready for a fight!

Skirmish with Sword
And Grimmy-Fu!

Grim Fu

Lil Horsemen #1: How Death and War Postponed the Apocalypse

The two team members of Revenant Publications are proud to present the FIRST issue of our FIRST official publication!
The interface allows you to zoom in, flip pages, and enjoy it better than if it was printed on full glossy paper!

Click Here for Issue 1

It was a great experience to produce this first issue, and I couldn’t have done it without, Raven Petty, my Revenant Publications partner.  Thanks for being my muse and motivation 🙂

And to…

Misty Bach

Brandon Combs

Kathy Lauder

Ron Peaks

Isaiah Petty

Joey Petty

Braxton Shoop

Todd Spainhour

Brad Trombley

Michael Wardlow

Zach West

…without your support and encouragement this project wouldn’t be what it was.

And to all our RevPub readers.  I hope this is the beginning of great things!

Lil’ Horsemen Update!

Lil Horsemen Logo

I mentioned in my post way back on May 22 and again on June 6 that Revenant Publications’ first actual publication would be based on the Lil Horsemen of the Apocalypse concept I created back in 1998 (first story in 1996 now that I think of it…)  I thought now would be a good time to update everyone on our progress.  To date ALL principle artwork is complete!  This was some 58+ individual hand drawings I did in the intervening time between the project’s announcement and now.  Also, more than a dozen background landscapes and interiors were created.  The fairer-half of RevPub did a wonderful job inking all my pencils and I’m now ten pages in to the process of doing page layouts for the finished publication (which I’m now believing will be between 25-35 pages depending on how layouts end up).  There are still a few stages to go but it is pretty much on schedule and will be coming to a RevPub post soon!

This is my first real publication project and, even though it’s being produced entirely in-house from the hard work of the two RevPub partners, it is an incredible rush to see these characters who, as of yet, lived only in my head with my other series’ characters and my multiple personalities.  It’s been an eye-opener to work on it, one of those “this may actually be something I could enjoy doing for the rest of my life” projects.

So it will be coming soon and I just hope it’ll be as entertaining to read as it has been to produce.

Lil Grimmy Reaper Color Test
Grimmy is waiting patiently!
Skirmish is waiting impatiently…

Stay Tuned

Things to come! – A Tiny Preview of “Lil’ Horsemen”

Big things are in the works at Revenant Publications.  Or medium-sized to big things at least.  Anyone who saw the Lil Grimmy Reaper & Skirmish post from May 22nd will know the direction we’re headed, and anyone who’s been keeping up with the “Illustrator’s Foray” posts know I’ve been learning the software in a Google+YouTube taught accelerated fashion.  I’ve got a couple more tutorials I’ve found (showing various trace and coloring tools) coming up that have helped me immensely, but until then I thought a taste of things to come would be a nice teaser.

I’ve been writing and planning no fewer than three comic series of various sizes, scopes, and complexity since middle school (yeah…s’been a while…) and I’m just now, with the motivation provided by the fairer-half of RevPub, on the cusp of publishing the first one, which will premiere on revenantpublications.com hopefully toward the end of summer or beginning of fall.  It’s the first time since I’ve started working on them that I really feel like this will happen and it’s the most exciting creative rush I think I’ve ever had.  It’s one thing to have ideas…it’s completely different to actually see your plans, writing, and concepts start to come together.  Starting with the project of the least complexity, but potentially the most charm, we’re preparing to publish the graphic novelization of a concept that started with a little story written for sophomore English class in 1996 and came to maturity as a short story I wrote in creative writing class as a high school senior in 1998.   This will eventually (hopefully) spread into a simple-paneled comic series published to RevPub with some regularity.

I give you the Lil’ Horsemen logo, as designed in Illustrator using all the tools I’ve learned and figured out on my own over the past two months:

Lil Horsemen
All the Lil Horsemen are represented in the logo! Including them all was harder than it might seem…

As was mentioned in the May 22nd post. I think of it as”Muppet Babies in Hell” and follows the adventures of the Little Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the youngest children of the real Four Horsemen.  It’s a fun, grim series and will hopefully be a taste of more great things to come from Revenant Publications!

Stay tuned!

Stay Tuned