Off the Top of My Head #12: Warhammer 40K Orks Dreadtrukk

Off The Top of My Head

If it wasn’t clear from my previous posts, most recently the one about Dreamlike Gaming (congrats on the new store guys!) I’m pretty well into the Warhammer/Warhammer 40k hobby now.

Over the last couple months I’ve built two 40k armies.  One went along with the release of the new Dark Angels codex.  Dark Angels are troubled and all about smiting chaos (with their own flaws so that makes them interesting) not to mention a super-cool robed look.  I love my Dark Angels army and pics of them will be coming soon.  However…my favorite 40k army is orks.

Orks are a great horde army.  All movement and weight of fire.  They have a terrific all-id attitude and slight regard for personal survival; it’s all about the good fight.

One of the tragedies of the orks is their slightly humorous persona.  Orks ARE funny and I do love that about them, but their cockney slang accents and brutish attitude usually make them difficult to tell entire stories for.  I’d hate to see them lose their sense of humor but I’d like to see some good, long narratives from Black Library about them.  Like Rodney Dangerfield….they get no respect.  Except Ghazghkull..  If you don’t believe me read Chains of Golgotha and see how menacing this guy is.

My favorite tabletop aspect of orks is their junkyard tech.  They can make things work just be believing they work, and can “loot” vehicles from other races, make ’em orky, and use them under the “looted wagon” codex profile (btw orks REALLY need a 6th edition codex…c’mon Games Workshop!)

Keeping this in mind I was able to get my hands on a Chaos Defiler for a discount price and, as I truly despise the traitors, I knew I’d never use it in a chaos army…but I could loot it!

Since it’s half Deff Dread and half Trukk I dubbed it the “Dreadtrukk.”   It has parts of a Chaos Defiler, Battlewagon, Trukk, Land Raider Crusader, Wartrakk, Dakkajet, and Warbike to name a few.

Attached are pics of my looted Chaos defiler.  It was a challenge to build, but I created it under codex rules and gave it:

DredTrukk Points Number Taken Total
Original Points:  35      35
Skorcha 15 1 15
Big Shoota 5 2 10
Red Paint Job 5 1 5
Stikkbomb Chukka 5 1 5
Armour Plates 10 1 10
Boarding Plank 5 1 5
Wreckin’ Ball 10 1 10
Reinforced Ram 5 1 5
Grabbin’ Klaw 5 1 5
Total     105

The lower “jaw” is obviously the reinforced ram from the battlewagon.  Believe it or not it is held in place with the left “arm” weapon of the Chas defiler left in two pieces.  It worked remarkably well.


The Skorcha is actually the Flamestorm cannons from a Land Raider Redeemer.  I made the Crusader variant but liked the look of the flamer so I was glad to use it.  The turret still raises and lowers slightly which means the jaw actually “works.”


Inside the “mouth” is a ram head from a warbike.


The boarding planks I attached to the back of the trukk bed rather than the sides.  Since the legs are on the sides it gives a bit more range, plus they can board whatever is “grabbed” by the Grabbin’ Klaw.  For the Grabbin Klaw I used the claws that came with the Defiler and laid the trukk bed on top of them.



The “commander” is a nob with a stormboy head in a cupola made of Killa Kan shoulder pads an a vision slit.



The left side gunner is from the old Wartrakk set, I made a skorcha out of that too so I had him left over.



The right gunner is a “big shoota” boy with a nob head (no laughing!)  I was very please with his posing, the big shoota held wildly in one hand and the human head held high in the other.  I gave him a bloody chain axe just for fun.  His “turret” is made of left over parts of the Dakkajet, a bike tire half, and Killa Kan parts.





I admit I like my orks “dirty” and scratched up even when bright and flashy.  I had it painted in a nice pristine color scheme but didn’t like it until I scratched it to kingdom come with Necron compound.




I have another looted wagon I actually like better.  A typical Leman Russ wth a boom gun.  Pics of it and my custom warboss, Grimskragg Defftrigga, coming soon!

Click the picture below for a 360 view!


Off the Top of My Head #9: Warhammer and Dreamlike Gaming

Off The Top of My Head

As I’ve posted recently I’ve gotten into tabletop wargaming.  Mostly Warhammer 40k.  I love building the models, I love painting them, and as I’ve found out recently I truly enjoy playing the game.  I had been putting off working on my armies and playing the game until recently when, while searching for some battle tutorials I came across “Dreamlike Gaming” on Youtube.


I watched a series of Dark Vengeance unboxing and battle reports and became addicted to their videos.  I’ve seen lots of videos recently as I’ve tried to get up to speed with 40k and tabletop wargaming but these are by far my favorite.  Many videos like these are made by reviewers or wannabe reviewers and one thing I’ve noted about “critics” recently is they tend to only know how to be critical.  It could be the snarkiness inherent in the internet culture but you never hear glowing reviews anymore, I think because people find it easier or trendier to dislike things.  What appealed to me about the Dreamlike videos I watched, most of them from Tom, Mark, and Stu (good luck with your future projects!), were these are guys who really enjoy playing the games they play.  They aren’t critics with another company, these guys are the company (or at least a big part of it) and the reason they’re in the business is they love to play.  Win or lose, they truly capture the experience of playing games with your friends in a perfect way.

They also aren’t experts.  They’ll stop and review the rules.  They get some of them wrong and let you know about their mistakes in conclusions or in following videos.  As a starting out player this makes the games feel less intimidating.  Everyone can get the complex rules to these games wrong, or sometimes forget to roll their “gets hot” when firing plasma guns!

The videos are simple, raw, and surprisingly hilarious.  From Stu’s absolute domination during his first swing with High Elves against Tom’s poor Ogre Army, to Tom’s dealing with the “shenanigans” of the Grey Knights against his doomed Chaos forces (that report is full of terrific moments, his description of Abbadon’s Talon of Horus as a “space marine killy claw,” his declaration that his ONE remaining chaos terminator “fancied himself next warmaster,” and the endless combat between said terminator and the Grey Knight Justicar).  These guys love to play games and it shows, and they also have great video personas.

Black Legion vs Grey Knights.  I love this one!

Just watching their battle reports got me excited about playing with my new armies and even has me looking into Warhammer fantasy as well, something I never thought I’d do.

The above video is a whole playlist.  Hit play when the next vid pops up for lots of fantasy battle report videos!

They aren’t slick, expensively produced videos but they ARE remarkably effective at showing you how to play, not just with the rules but with the attitude of a gamer having fun, letting friendly opponents correct mistakes, always shaking hands, and having a good laugh whether you got the victory points or not.  If you’re a beginner like me or just a gamer looking to see some fun battle reports and watch some gamers having fun I say check them out.  They’ve got a store too, and if you live in the UK (I don’t so you guys have reached across the pond all the way to Tennessee!) check that out too.

I’ve recently completed the first incarnation of my two 40k armies and I’ll be posting pics of their newly constructed, unpainted masses soon and will do updates of my painted versions as I complete them.

I’m glad that REAL social gaming seems to be coming back and is a growing community.  As Wil Wheaton would say, “Play more games!” and as Tom would say, “Keep it dreamlike!”

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