Off the Top of My Head #8: Warhammer and the Holidays

Off The Top of My Head

We’re a little over a month away from Christmas…and it both seems like ages ago and like we all just barely made it through…

I admit I like giving personal gifts.  Anyone can buy gift cards or choose something from a list, but for the people closest to me I like to give very personal gifts.  In the past this usually meant drawings, but since my drawing time mostly consists of RevPub projects I decided to marry my new interest in painting Citadel miniatures with giving creative gifts.

Part of the fun was picking models that matched the individual receiving the gift, the rest of it was creating small dioramas within the display case size to make a nice scene.

This is my father’s.  For him (he enjoys carpentry) I chose a Fantasy dwarf master engineer and created a workshop for him, including a furnace made of a Volvo wheel bolt (See THIS post to see how I got a pile of those…) and extra tools.  I gave him a little helper on stilts.


DwarfEngineer2 DwarfEngineer3 DwarfEngineer4 DwarfEngineer5

For my Sis, who likes Egyptian history, I did High Queen Khalida from the Fantasy Tomb Kings.  I added bitz from a Sphinx and gave it a teal/gold tone.  This might be my favorite composition.  I also added a little copper familiar.

QueenKhalida1 QueenKhalida2 QueenKhalida3 QueenKhalida4

For my mom I made a Isabelle von Carstein.  I cut a halloween decoration skull in half for a hill and added some zombies to give her a horde army.  The snow effect also was fun to do for the first time.

Isabelle&Zombies IMG-20121223-00039 ZombieHorde Zombie1

Since I’m interested in the 40k universe this gave me a chance to paint models I’d otherwise be unable to paint and I’ve always enjoyed creating little dioramas and stories this way.

Anyone else give unique/creative Christmas presents this year?

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