Off the Top of My Head #3: How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Painting and the Balrog of Moria

Off The Top of My Head

I posted in my second “Off the Top of my Head” some of the 40k figures I painted.  While I started painting with the five “came with the paint set” marines, the second model I painted wasn’t a Black Reach Ork but a Games Workshop, Citadel Balrog of Moria.  I love the Lord of the Rings movies, but I don’t have much interest in the game (I like the grim darkness of the 41st millennium).  This model was given to me by a friend I work with.  His son loves the Lord of the Rings figures.  He found this particular to be a little too advanced for him and offered it to me as a thank you for locating some hard-to-find movies and toys online (he calls me “the finder of lost items”).  The weekend before my vacation I decided on a weapon for the Balrog, primered him, glued him and started painting him.

After painting it I decided, since I don’t collect the LOTR figures, I would return it to the young man who gave it to me.  He was very happy to get the completed Balrog back and I received the ultimate kid compliment for my work: I was invited over to view his collection of Lord of the Rings miniatures and play video games.  I take it as high praise!

Barlrog Full
My Balrog. Chaos Black primer, washed all over in old Baal Red, then the fire parts were painted white and washed in Casandora Yellow. I used some Troll Slayer Orange for the darker fire parts and washed it in Bloodletter Glaze
Balrog Right
Full Balrog from the right. The whip used the same technique as the fire, painted white then washed in yellow with orange details glazed in red.
Balrog Left
Balrog from the left.  My Horus Heresy and 40k books made a good backdrop.
Balrog Base 1
The base was the most fun to paint. I liked the detail of the skeleton in armor with an axe. I painted it Runelord Brass, Moonfang Brown, Bugman’s Glow, and Screaming Skull then washed the whole thing in Earthshade.
Balrog Base 2
Base of the Balrog showing the bony hand with axe.  I didn’t put the orange detail on the Balrog’s arms.  I probably should have but I was eager to get to that 40k army!
Balrog's Face
The face of the Balrog. His horns are drybrushed with Praxeti White.

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