Off the Top of My Head #6: Gangnam Style

Off The Top of My Head

I’m the last person in the world who gets into latest trends.  I’ve essentially been the same since about 1996 in terms of style, musical tastes, and interests.  That being said some fads are catchy.
I came late to the “Gangnam Style” craze.  It kept showing up in parodies, videos, and feeds on all my frequently visited sites and I was curious.  Needless to say it was pretty confusing and all the typical questions popped into my head such as, “What the-?” “Huh?” and “Why-?”  But when I saw the real video it all became clear.  It’s a hilarious track, the video is full of pop-satire, and, of course, it’s extremely catchy.

So when I went to the wedding of some friends and Gangnam Style came on it was hard not to do the dance, even if it was just on the sidelines.  The groom cut loose on the dance floor, and when my date to the wedding, the fairer half of RevPub, shoved me out on the dance floor I had two choices:

1.) I could slink back into the shadows and appear as a “punk” in the eyes of all in attendance.


2.) I could do my best to NOT be out-danced in public!

I went with the latter.  And the impromptu routine the groom and I concocted on the spot got lots of praise from everyone present!

Here’s a video taken at the event:

More than anything it was a LOT of fun, and goes to show, trends may seem a little silly, but if you can’t beat ’em…join ’em.  You might just have good time.

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