Off the Top of My Head: Painting 40k Ork Warboss Nazdreg

Off The Top of My Head

Since I’m a fan of both Dark Angels and Orks I found Gav Thorpe’s The Purging of Kallidus to be a perfect book for me.  Not only does it include a lot of small details on the functioning of a Space Marine force in the field, but includes the two biggest and baddest ork warlords in a combined effort; the mighty Ghazghkgull Thraka, and the wily Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub.

Ghasghkull was and is still the king of all orks to me; his semi-religious role, brutish persona, yet strangely high-intelligence seems to encompass the most frightening combination of ork traits.  However it’s nice to have options, while looking over an older ork codex I found Nazdreg is a GREAT option for an ork warlord (if only we could get modern rules for him GW!)

Nazdreg is not only a cunning leader, but also a remarkably good shot for an ork (BS4!  BS4!  With a PLASMA weapon!)  He also has fun painting options, as he is a Bad Moons warboss and can be done-up right in bright yellows and ostentatious decorations.


The old Nazdreg model is nothing like the current line and difficult to field.  He’s SMALLER than most ork boyz, so that’s not an option.  This one is mine.  He came with his boss pole broken so I replaced it with a different one.  Luckily I got an old metal Ghazghkull with the deal I mentioned in a previous post and decided I’d Nazdreg-him up.


I used the older Big Mek head so he had a different face from Ghazghkull that gave him a Mek look without having weird screws in his head.  I also liked the smug grin and goggles.SONY DSC

There wasn’t an appropriately massive Bad Moon bosspole, so I made my own out of green stuff.  I mounted it on the Lascannons from a Forgeworld Tauros Venator I turned into a warbuggy and stuck a deffdread face on the back.  The skulls came from the Chaos Defiler kit, whose bitz have served me so well since I converted it to the Dredtrukk.  It’s not perfect but I ended up really liking the look of the moon.


His armor, instead of black with flames, I wanted a bright, blazing yellow.  Mostly to make his stand out even more from my Goff models.  His custom power klaw is made of the lower-potion of Ghazghkull’s with two ork chain blades and a piece from the Skaven Hell-Pit Abomination kit as flexible spiked-knuckles.


The most difficult, but fun, part of the model was the Kustom-Blasta-X, Nazdreg’s supa-gun.  It’s frequently described as being “multi-barreled” but because it has the “gets hot” profile and the same feel as a plasma gun I thought it would be good to make it LOOK like a plasma gun.  I sheared off the twin-linked big shoota that came with the model (never cut off so much metal before) and used one of the plasma storm batteries from the Land Speeder Vengeance kit.  The little piece underneath is actually a re-fashioned mace head and it has the power supply from a megablasta off of an extra Mek on top.


Basing is something that I’ve heard a lot of modelers complain about but it’s one of my favorite parts of finishing a model.  I originally wanted to have him on a telly-porta but I couldn’t think of a good way to make that work on a terminator-size base.  So I went with a scene from The Purging of Kadillus that is by far one of my favorites in the Black Library books I’ve read (along with Primarch Corax’s charge into the Iron Warriors in Raven’s Flight, also by Thorpe).  If you haven’t read the book SPOILER ALERT!

In the novel, Chaplain Boreas leads a defense of a power plant against an ork attack. They initially succeed until Nazdreg himself arrives and dooms the space marine/imperial guard defenders.  Boreas challenges Nazdreg to single combat, and, though he fights as best as he can, is ultimately smashed by the Bad Moons Boss.  I like this narrative not only because the fight itself is rousing, but also because it’s a rare instance of orks portrayed in a Black Library book not as comic relief but as the martial menace that they are.  Boreas and Nazdreg fight fairly, and Nazdreg beats Boreas through strength of arms, not blundering into luck.  This is especially impactful in this book as future Deathwing Captain Belial took a similar beating from Ghazghkull in the novel’s background.  I also have a strong memory of Nazdreg addressing the Dark Angel’s leadership through Boreas’ helmet comm with the typical Ork laconism, “Dey’s all dead…”

For my base I have Nazdreg stomping Boreas’ Crozius Arcanum.  The Arcanum is made from the handle of a thunder hammer; the head is actually part of the angel wings off of the Icon of Old Caliban from a Land Speeder Darkshroud kit.  For the Chaplain’s helmet I used a standard space marine helmet, sliced his face off, and glued on the face of a skull (again, those Chaos Defiler bits save the day!)  I then added appropriate muddy texture and various pieces from the GW 40k basing kit.


Nazdreg’s my favorite model I’ve completed so far.  I hope I can use him (WITH his profile) in games and I’m really hoping GW includes him back into 6th edition when we get our overdue ork upgrade next summer!


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Off the Top of My Head: Painting 40k Stormboy

Off The Top of My Head

Before the glory that was Halloween (It’s still going on as far as I’m concerned.  I’m extending Halloween the way the rest of the world does Christmas…) I began posting some of the Orks I’ve been painting.  Though I have two chapters of space marines (the two more “angelic” chapters…First Founding!) and now some Sisters of Battle, the Orks are still my chance to be the most creative.

This model is an old metal Stormboy Nob I got in an incredible deal on eBay along with a lot of other older metal models.  I love the look of the older models mixed in with my newer plastic kits, but they are a bit static and don’t look very “Storm-y.”  Luckily eBay also introduced me to these great flying bases for them.  I have a full compliment of ten to do, but I started with the great Stormboy Nob to test how it works:

It was fun to customize and pose him on this base.  I over tilted so I have a nickel underneath the base to keep him down.
It was fun to customize and pose him on this base. I over tilted so I have a nickel underneath the base to keep him down.
That's a newer choppa he has.  I liked the look of it better.
That’s a newer choppa he has. I liked the look of it better.
The site to buy the bases has a great tutorial on how to paint them to give that layered/glowing effect.
The site to buy the bases has a great tutorial on how to paint them to give that layered/glowing effect.
The Rokkit is a little plain, but the rest of the model is so bright I was ok with it.
The Rokkit is a little plain, but the rest of the model is so bright I was ok with it.
I used a piece of the Chaos Defiler model to accessorize his helmet.
I used a piece of the Chaos Defiler model to accessorize his helmet.

How to paint the flying base here.

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Off the Top of My Head: Boss Zagstruk!

Off The Top of My Head

This week i present more Orks!

I love the rules and fluff behind Stormboyz.  I’m hoping the rumors are true that they can be used a anti-air units in 6th edition.

Boss Zagstruk is a terrific addition to a Stormboyz unit.  His high-initiative powerklaw, deep striking, and commissar abilities make him worth the points to me.  An extra bonus is he has a great mini, and is fun to paint!

I give you my Boss Zagstruk.  Again one of my earliest painting attempts but still loads of fun!

I like dry-brushing fur details. This was my first attempt at that.
I used some extra Dark Angels stuff to accent the base.
Ork Face!
One of the Boss’ claws broke when I was taking him off the sprue. I built him some new ones that aren’t TOO obviously scratch-made.
That’s a flag from LOTR elf cavalry drastically altered.
I like the details on his Rokkitpack. I may do a different Boss just to make it a bit cleaner.
He got a bit of a diorama base.
Lacky grot!
Da Boss!

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Off the Top of My Head: Painting My Waaagh!

Off The Top of My Head

I mentioned in one of my very first painting posts how much I love orks.  Though I still consider myself an imperialist at heart, orks are so much fun to paint and play that I knew when I got the Black Reach starter set I’d be able to make use of both sides.

I’ve gotten a bit better than I was when I first painted that Black Reach warboss.  I’ve been able to do some layering, and I’ve gotten into basing (I really enjoy basing) and making some custom additions to each model.

This was my first warboss after the Black Reach guy.  His attack squig and armor left plenty of room for customization.  I gave him a spike with some space marine helmets on it, but it was metal and it ended up breaking the resin pole.  I just glued the hell out of it to make it stick in the end.

I gave him a couple of helper grots (both metal) and ammo crates.  The Ultramarines bomb is actually from a Trumpeter 39(H) French military tank set I had.  The rocky base is terra cotta (which I highly recommend, it’s light, breakable for customization, and can be painted and textured to provide any look!) with some extra bits around to give it character.

He got a little dusty and he was hard to clean without snapping resin pieces off.  It adds a bit of character 😉

My favorite part of painting this guy were the human heads hanging from his belt.  I gave each one a different wound.   Obviously, basic rudimentary stuff (I’m not ‘Eavy Metal!) but they were a lot of fun!

I like my Goff orks grungy!
This boss has a couple runts, this guy with the stikkbombs was a favorite
Full view!
Back view! You can see where his boss pole was “repaired”
Dem teef!
My favorite feature. The severed heads over an Ultramarines bombs made from a Trumpeter 39(H) French tank kit I had.
The other runt prepping to bravely hurl a stikkbomb from behind his boss.
Attack squig!

Off the Top of My Head #12: Warhammer 40K Orks Dreadtrukk

Off The Top of My Head

If it wasn’t clear from my previous posts, most recently the one about Dreamlike Gaming (congrats on the new store guys!) I’m pretty well into the Warhammer/Warhammer 40k hobby now.

Over the last couple months I’ve built two 40k armies.  One went along with the release of the new Dark Angels codex.  Dark Angels are troubled and all about smiting chaos (with their own flaws so that makes them interesting) not to mention a super-cool robed look.  I love my Dark Angels army and pics of them will be coming soon.  However…my favorite 40k army is orks.

Orks are a great horde army.  All movement and weight of fire.  They have a terrific all-id attitude and slight regard for personal survival; it’s all about the good fight.

One of the tragedies of the orks is their slightly humorous persona.  Orks ARE funny and I do love that about them, but their cockney slang accents and brutish attitude usually make them difficult to tell entire stories for.  I’d hate to see them lose their sense of humor but I’d like to see some good, long narratives from Black Library about them.  Like Rodney Dangerfield….they get no respect.  Except Ghazghkull..  If you don’t believe me read Chains of Golgotha and see how menacing this guy is.

My favorite tabletop aspect of orks is their junkyard tech.  They can make things work just be believing they work, and can “loot” vehicles from other races, make ’em orky, and use them under the “looted wagon” codex profile (btw orks REALLY need a 6th edition codex…c’mon Games Workshop!)

Keeping this in mind I was able to get my hands on a Chaos Defiler for a discount price and, as I truly despise the traitors, I knew I’d never use it in a chaos army…but I could loot it!

Since it’s half Deff Dread and half Trukk I dubbed it the “Dreadtrukk.”   It has parts of a Chaos Defiler, Battlewagon, Trukk, Land Raider Crusader, Wartrakk, Dakkajet, and Warbike to name a few.

Attached are pics of my looted Chaos defiler.  It was a challenge to build, but I created it under codex rules and gave it:

DredTrukk Points Number Taken Total
Original Points:  35      35
Skorcha 15 1 15
Big Shoota 5 2 10
Red Paint Job 5 1 5
Stikkbomb Chukka 5 1 5
Armour Plates 10 1 10
Boarding Plank 5 1 5
Wreckin’ Ball 10 1 10
Reinforced Ram 5 1 5
Grabbin’ Klaw 5 1 5
Total     105

The lower “jaw” is obviously the reinforced ram from the battlewagon.  Believe it or not it is held in place with the left “arm” weapon of the Chas defiler left in two pieces.  It worked remarkably well.


The Skorcha is actually the Flamestorm cannons from a Land Raider Redeemer.  I made the Crusader variant but liked the look of the flamer so I was glad to use it.  The turret still raises and lowers slightly which means the jaw actually “works.”


Inside the “mouth” is a ram head from a warbike.


The boarding planks I attached to the back of the trukk bed rather than the sides.  Since the legs are on the sides it gives a bit more range, plus they can board whatever is “grabbed” by the Grabbin’ Klaw.  For the Grabbin Klaw I used the claws that came with the Defiler and laid the trukk bed on top of them.



The “commander” is a nob with a stormboy head in a cupola made of Killa Kan shoulder pads an a vision slit.



The left side gunner is from the old Wartrakk set, I made a skorcha out of that too so I had him left over.



The right gunner is a “big shoota” boy with a nob head (no laughing!)  I was very please with his posing, the big shoota held wildly in one hand and the human head held high in the other.  I gave him a bloody chain axe just for fun.  His “turret” is made of left over parts of the Dakkajet, a bike tire half, and Killa Kan parts.





I admit I like my orks “dirty” and scratched up even when bright and flashy.  I had it painted in a nice pristine color scheme but didn’t like it until I scratched it to kingdom come with Necron compound.




I have another looted wagon I actually like better.  A typical Leman Russ wth a boom gun.  Pics of it and my custom warboss, Grimskragg Defftrigga, coming soon!

Click the picture below for a 360 view!


Off the Top of My Head #6: Gangnam Style

Off The Top of My Head

I’m the last person in the world who gets into latest trends.  I’ve essentially been the same since about 1996 in terms of style, musical tastes, and interests.  That being said some fads are catchy.
I came late to the “Gangnam Style” craze.  It kept showing up in parodies, videos, and feeds on all my frequently visited sites and I was curious.  Needless to say it was pretty confusing and all the typical questions popped into my head such as, “What the-?” “Huh?” and “Why-?”  But when I saw the real video it all became clear.  It’s a hilarious track, the video is full of pop-satire, and, of course, it’s extremely catchy.

So when I went to the wedding of some friends and Gangnam Style came on it was hard not to do the dance, even if it was just on the sidelines.  The groom cut loose on the dance floor, and when my date to the wedding, the fairer half of RevPub, shoved me out on the dance floor I had two choices:

1.) I could slink back into the shadows and appear as a “punk” in the eyes of all in attendance.


2.) I could do my best to NOT be out-danced in public!

I went with the latter.  And the impromptu routine the groom and I concocted on the spot got lots of praise from everyone present!

Here’s a video taken at the event:

More than anything it was a LOT of fun, and goes to show, trends may seem a little silly, but if you can’t beat ’em…join ’em.  You might just have good time.