Scrooged vs. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

Watching Ghosts of Girlfriends Past actually inspired this post. I know it strange, but I take inspiration where I find it 🙂 It occurred to me that this movie borrowed a few aspects from Scrooged, so I decided to have some fun with the review.

If you haven’t seen these movies, here’s a quick summary:
Scrooged (1988): A selfish TV exec needs to change and learn the true meaning of Christmas.
Ghosts of Girlfreinds Past (2009): A womanizer needs to change his ways; not a Christmas movie.

Billy Murray Scrooged
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Matthew McConaughey
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  • Both use Dickens’ A Christmas Carol format. The dead guy who comes to warn the main character, and there are three ghosts.
  • Both have a love interest who got away.
  • The girl who got away is a brunette. In Scrooged, it’s Karen Allen; in Ghosts, it’s Jennifer Garner.
  • Both have a strong actor who plays the main character (aka the a’hole) In Scrooged, it’s Bill Murray; in Ghosts, it’s Matthew McConaughey. They both have a brother, who is really the only person they love.
  • The main characters are successful in the entertainment industry.
  • The ghost of Christmas/Girlfriends present is the most interesting ghost, both are women, and neither are afraid to teach the main guy a lesson.


  • Even though both use the same format, Ghosts is not a Christmas movie — it’s a true rom-com. It actually deals addresses the pressures of getting married, and if you are single, the pressures of fitting into a society full of love and couples.
  • The love interests are very different characters. Allen is sweet, a do-gooder, donates her time to the less fortunate. She clearly loves Murray and wants a future with him; she supports him throughout the entire movie. Garner hates McConaughey; he has obviously jaded her against men and relationships, but she’s not quite ready to give up on love. Garner is quick and sometimes nasty to him.
  • The first ghost in Scrooged has one primary scene. In Ghosts, that ghost (his uncle) stays with McConaughey throughout his journey and even pushes McConaughey into his own grave.
  • Murray is a selfish, true cynic of a man. He’s hollow and would staple a mouse’s head to make a costume work. McConaughey is this character 2.0. He’s a real piece of crap, and it’s obvious they tried to make him hateable. They did a good job.

So which one is a better movie? I prefer Scrooged because it’s funnier and moves well. The pace is perfect. Ghosts feels a little slow, and they spend too much time on the past. Emma Stone plays a great ghosts of girlfriends past, but the exposition slows the movie down. Murray may not be as mean as McConaughey, but he’s a lot more endearing and fun. Both movies deserve a watch, but I can and have rewatched Scrooged several more times.
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A Collection of Ghost Stories

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Our Waverly Hills post has been very popular topic, so we’d like to share some previous stories with our new followers and anyone who missed them last year. Please note, these are true stories — read with caution … happy ghost hunting, everyone 🙂

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Waverly Hills Sanatorium: The Two-Hour Tour

My co-workers thought I was nuts. Others knew there was no holding me back. I would eventually tour Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

We’ve talked about it for years, but haven’t been able to plan a big group, and we had no idea what to expect. All I can say is we will definitely go back. Here are tidbits from our two-hour tour:

Body Chute

We walked to the bottom of the body chute. There were steps on one side and a ramp on the other, and both descended at a 45-degree angle. It was daylight when we went down, and I don’t think I could go down in the dark. There’s only one way out.


It was very cold inside. It was chilly outside, but there were times I put my nose in my son’s sleeve to warm it up. It was 15 degrees colder inside the building, which probably measured about 40-45. I also found it interesting there was no draft, especially because of missing windows.

Shadow People

I knew James would volunteer because he would never miss that opportunity. I saw one shadow on the floor, but I did see the hallway go black. And I watched him disappear into the darkness. For his full story, read A Walk with the Shadow People.

Hair Pulling

Waverly Hills’ Facebook page warned me of this. I had my hood up the entire time because I didn’t want to risk it and, as mentioned, it was cold. We were in the electroshock therapy room and something grabbed my hair clip through the hood. I was about a foot from a wall, and there was no one behind me. I was also standing still, so there was no way my clip got caught on the hood.

Lil Man’s Ghost

My son was such a trooper and escorted me the entire time. After our tour, he told me when we first arrived he saw a full figure in a window, and it slowly disappeared. He isn’t one to lie to exaggerate, so I believe him with all my heart. He also admitted he is not afraid of ghosts now, which made the trip even more worth it.

Tour Guides

It’s interesting the guides are volunteers, and the two we spoke with have been volunteering for 10-plus years. There are no gimmicks, no one jumps out, and nothing is staged (except for a few Halloween decorations left over from their biggest fundraiser). The money goes back into the facility, which needs windows replaced and some cosmetic work.


We're not sure what on the left... On the right, we think it's a Blackberry lol.
We’re not sure what on the left… On the right, we think it’s a Blackberry lol.
I took this right before we left. No settings were changed, and I think it turned out cool.
I took this right before we left. No settings were changed, and I think it turned out cool.
Outside Waverly Hills
Outside Waverly Hills
View from outside and down the fourth floor.


One of the rooms. I didn't spend much time in them.
One of the rooms.
I didn’t spend much time in them.
Two sisters stayed here. One lived the other passed.
Two sisters stayed here. One lived the other passed. Story says you can hear the deceased one calling for the other.
Gathering room
Where people gathered for religious purposes, etc.
It was still daylight.
Outside of Waverly Hills
Outside of Waverly Hills.
It’s a huge facility.


Off the Top of My Head #10: A Walk with the Shadow People

Off The Top of My Head

“I’ll do it.”  There was no hesitation or doubt.  Even the small apprehension caused by timidity of the unknown wasn’t severe enough to stop the response.  The fear for missing the chance was more severe…  Standing on the lightless 4th floor of Waverly Hill Sanatorium, having gone through the better part of a two hour tour, heard stories of the innumerable ghosts that legend says still haunt its halls and seen photographic and physical evidence to corroborate several of these stories, when the tour guide asked “I need a volunteer to walk to the end of the hall alone, who will do it?”  “I’ll do it” was my response almost before he could finish the statement.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium was once the gold standard in tuberculosis treatment and research in the world.  I won’t provide the history of it, numerous sites are available for that, but over the years since the closure in 1981 of the home for the elderly which inherited the building Waverly Hills has been the subject of ghost stories and legends and now has a reputation of being one of the most haunted places in America.

The only camera I had was, unfortunately, my phone.  When I go back I'll bring my real camera.
The only camera I had was, unfortunately, my phone. When I go back I’ll bring my real camera.

I’ve had an interest in Waverly Hills since I first saw a documentary about it in 2006.  The documentary itself was full of some horror movie cheesiness (and was produced by the makers of a B-rated horror movie Death Tunnel) but it also contained footage of the old hospital, a good deal of history, and interviews with former staff and patients.  It was also intriguing.  There is something inherently frightening about hospital settings, massive structures, you know people have met unfortunate ends there, and dark corridors with numerous rooms.

A friend organized an opportunity to go and my RevPub co-author and fellow ghost enthusiast and her son joined the group and we all ventured to just south west of Louisville, Kentucky to go on the paranormal tour.

We started the tour at dusk so the sun was still out.  As the tour progressed it got darker and darker outside...
We started the tour at dusk so the sun was still out. As the tour progressed it got darker and darker outside…

The tour itself was excellent.  We had a great tour guide who provided levity when needed and gave actual history of the grounds and facilities along with the tales of the supernatural.  But it was the 4th Floor “Shadow People” that made the tour for me.

You stand at the end of the dark corridor, first as a group (there were about 20 of us) and watch the floors, light coming in from the glass-less windows shines through the doors of the vacant patient rooms.  By paying attention you can see shadows moving…almost like patients pacing in their rooms.  When the guide asked if someone would walk the corridor, past the numerous rooms, and stop in the dark shadows I couldn’t pass it up.

I won’t lie, it was unnerving.  The entire time in Waverly Hills I was freezing.  I never once felt threatened or afraid, but there was always an awkward feeling like something…off.  Almost like a painting slightly out of proportion…you realize something isn’t normal but you can’t quite place what it is.  Walking the hallway was a mixture of adrenaline and what I can only describe as “pressure.”  Not a heavy weight on you…just an environmental pressure like the space itself is closing in around you.  I’m not easily scared, but the whole experience was so unnerving that if the tour guide had asked me to walk to the wing of the hallway, by dozens more empty rooms and out of sight of the rest of the group, I would’ve hesitated to do it…

This is how that dark hallway looked from my view...only darker...
This is how that dark hallway looked from my view…only darker…

I couldn’t see what was happening behind me, but I was told the shadows in the doors definitely peaked when someone passed (there’s nothing quite as heart-stopping as having your back to several supposedly haunted rooms and hearing the tour group softly gasp…) and that during my walk back I seemed like I was swallowed in the blackness.

It was an incredible experience that will take some time to fully digest.  I’m definitely glad I did it and plan to go back for the full-on paranormal investigation.

Waverly Hills Stairs

To schedule your own tour or investigation visit their site here!

A Lifetime Supernatural Experience

I have always been skeptical of imaginary friends, but my family has a long history with one that makes me a believer. My mom calls him an imaginary friend and her guardian angel, others may call him a poltergeist, but those who know the stories know him as Arnold.


When he was a child, Joe (my mom’s friend) created Arnold as his imaginary friend. Joe was later in a band, and when he toured, Arnold stayed with my mom and roommate. Eventually, Arnold lived with my mom until she married, so he came around less often until Joe passed away.

I was 8 or 9 when I experienced my first encounter. My younger brother claimed to see Arnold and said he had a large, round head that was orange like a basketball. A couple of years later, one of our roommates confirmed this description because he saw Arnold, too. Sometime later after moving again, another family member saw him standing in our living room.

When I was 13 or 14, I received a call at 2 a.m. from my dad. His girlfriend was hysterical after seeing Arnold standing in their kitchen at the table. I will never forget how terrified she was and consoling her. She described him as all the others, with a large, round orange head.

The Protector

My mom describes him as her guardian angel. Arnold protected her from people who meant her harm or mistreated her. He was seen by many as a reminder that they were being watched and to treat her well.

When my mom was younger, she was working a lot and needed to do laundry and clean. She wanted to wash her bedspread and finally made time to do so. When she got home, it was done. No one else washed it, and it was beautiful. Years later, one night at work, Arnold dumped a strawberry daiquiri at a server who was irritating her.

I remember, at 15, taking a shower and seeing all the shampoos, conditioners, and soaps flying at me. Not falling into the tub; they were thrown horizontally at me. Knowing me, it was probably after an argument with my mom.

Arnold loved to move objects. He turned on TVs and lights when no one was around. He hid things in random places – you know, those places things would never end up – and especially my dad’s tools after their divorce. One night my dad called demanding me to pick up Arnold because he kept slamming the toilet seat down, over and over again. We visited my dad that day, and he swore we left him there.

One of my mom’s friends didn’t believe the stories and thought it was all a hoax. Her windshield wipers randomly came on for the next three days. She believed after that.

Loving Memories

My mom fondly recalls seeing objects move across the counter and floor. I remember missing things and finding them in weird places like the oven. I was never scared though, mostly annoyed, and I embraced the idea we had a poltergeist who followed us.

Poltergeists are defined as noisy, usually mischievous ghosts, and no one is sure of the full story. It’s amazing that a manifestation from a child’s imagination can live decades and attach itself to one person or family. What began as an imaginary friend turned into a supernatural force that dozens of people can witness to and several have seen. I haven’t had any Arnold experiences since I was a teenager, but I’m sure now that we are talking about him, he’ll resurface again.

A very special thanks to my mom for the great stories, and we at RevPub hope everyone has a Happy Halloween week. Be sure to check in Wednesday for a very special post!

Ghost Story #7: Dreams

Do you think ghosts can appear in dreams? I’m torn on this subject, and although I have dreamed about deceased people, I’m not sure they were ghosts or it was just a dream. This story comes from my mother-in-law* and makes me wonder if ghosts can intercept dreams.

A Ghost from the Past

It was July 1964, and little did Martha know she was close to going into labor with her first child. After returning from a long day at work, she laid down to take a nap.

Suddenly, her grandfather appeared at the foot of the bed. He passed away a few years before this incident. “Martha, I can’t stay long and need to tell you something,” he said.

She listened carefully but was terrified. It was an old tale that a pregnant woman seeing a deceased person in a dream was a bad omen for the baby.

“You are going to have a boy with long black hair,” he explained. “Don’t worry, the baby is fine. I need to go now, and I love you.”

She begged her grandfather to stay, but he drifted away. She awoke in a panic, and ran to her mom to tell her what happened. Her mom was worried there was something wrong with the baby, and they spent the next few hours waiting for the baby to move.

The next day Martha went into labor. A few hours later she had a healthy baby boy with long black hair.

Even today Martha isn’t sure it was just a dream; she wonders if her grandfather’s ghost visited and she was never fully asleep. Her grandfather never visited (or intercepted) again, but it makes you wonder if ghosts can enter our subconscious or if it was just a strange coincidence. What do you think?

*Names have been changed.

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