Best Christmas Movie: Scrooged

Scrooged came out in 1988 when I was six years old. Ten years later it was on in the background at someone’s house. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I sat down to watch this hilarious version of a Christmas classic.

The movie stars the lovable Bill Murray (as Frank Cross) who is mean, selfish, and witty, which entertains those of us with a darker sense of humor. (I hold a special place in my heart for Murray because he is my favorite Ghostbuster). The plot is a spin-off of the all-time favorite A Christmas Carol, and the ghosts are a perfect fit for our Scrooge. I cannot help but watch this movie year round because it’s more than a Christmas classic; it’s just a good movie.

Here are my top reasons why this is my favorite Christmas movie:

1. Bill Murray – He’s a genius. Biting, cold, and yet childlike, you see the sparkle deep down inside that cynical heart. The Scrooge part seems very natural for him, and I never felt that he was that bad of a guy. His snide remarks to everyone around him are some of the best parts of this movie.

2. The little things – Pay attention while watching this movie. You’ll see a definition of ‘cross’ in the background, and Frank leaves his humanitarian trophy in the cab. You would have to watch this movie a dozen times to see all the small things that add to the movie.

3. The dialogue and script – The script was well-written, and all the actors did a great job and improvised where they saw fit. The story took a timeless classic and made it modern and funny with a twisted 80s-style spin. Some of my favorites are lines are, “Now, I have to kill all of you,” “Oh my gosh, does that suck,” “Come!” and “I care!,” and “Ah Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

4. The ghosts – The ghost of Christmas past (David Johansen) is as demented as Cross. He gets inside Cross’ head and makes him regret his past. The ghost of Christmas present (Carol Kane) is my favorite though. She beats the crap out of Cross and shows that even fairies have a dark side. Sometimes the truth is painful, and she teaches us all that lesson. The ghost of Christmas future has a small part, and the special effects are pretty cool.

5. Eliot Loudermilk – The disgruntled employee who comes back to get Cross. Eliot (Bobcat Goldthwait) is the equivalent of Bob Cratchit with more of a helpless drunkenness about him. I like his character because he’s innocent and insane at the same time.

The end is not your typical heart-felt ending either. It’s light, funny, and everything wraps up well. And as much as you love mean Frank Cross, you’re still okay with him turning into a good guy. He still has that wit and edge to him, and the final song is a lot of fun.

With that, I encourage you to give a little more this season and ask you to remember those who need a little miracle right now. Put a little love in your heart!

One thought on “Best Christmas Movie: Scrooged

  1. James Castro

    To this day any time that movie is on I HAVE to stop what I’m doing to hear Bill Murray do his Richard Burton impression. It’s so hilariously accurate someone was once watching a film with Burton in it and I said, “Is Scrooged on!?” and let’s not forget “…..Towel! Towel and a facecloth…”

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