Creative Christmas: Beetlejuice Lydia

In my last post I described my process in creating a chalk pastel Beetlejuice.  I wanted to do a nice version of Lydia to go along with it, but unlike Beetlejuice I didn’t have a clear image to go on.  Also she’s identifiable but not quite as iconic, so she had to come more from my own head than the Ghost with the Most.


I originally wanted to go with revulsion but I didn’t like the way it paired with the Beetlejuice.  So I changed it before the final.


I actually found a picture of “costume ideas” for Lydia cosplayers that I used as a base.


I was particularly proud of my spider necklace design.


She ended up looking more like the cartoon version of Lydia than Winona Ryder, but as the artwork was a little cartoony I ended up being ok with it.


She mostly wears black except for her red wedding dress. Drawing black clothes on black paper is trickier than it seems…


For a first big piece in chalk and color I was pretty happy with them!

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