7 Tips to Defeat Writer’s Block

This morning I sat down to write my post – because I love writing with coffee on Sunday mornings – and when I did, I just sat here staring at a blank document. I cruised through Facebook, looked at old posts, tried to pick a topic, and drew a total blank. Nothing.

writers block
Alyssa L. Miller

Well, here I am. While trying to pick a topic, I realized I have a little block. And boom! Here is my topic for the week. When you have a problem, the best thing to do is work through it, so we’re going to work through my temporary writer’s block and give you some tips on how to overcome your own.

1. Take a break.
I have written several posts about taking a break, staying sane, etc. This tips will always top the list. Whether you take frequent 10-minute breaks or a day off, walking away helps. I have decided I am going to do more physically creative things today and break from writing. I have two artsy projects I’m working on, so that’s where I will focus my energy today.

2. Flip your schedule.
I’m a night owl, but I write better in the morning. I can’t always crank it out before 9 a.m. though. Today, I’m going to write this afternoon, and see if a schedule change helps the words flow more easily. Changing things up will help break any habits that may stifle creativity.

3. Know your habits.
I try to crank out as much as possible before noon and maintain a routine. I’m aware of my habits, when I’m most productive, and what I need to write. Sometimes I need absolute silence, sometimes I need the T.V. on, sometimes music. Knowing your habits and giving yourself what you need ensures you’re always in the right environment to work.

4. Change topics.
Recently, I changed jobs and I write a lot more. My problem this morning was that I have focused so much on work topics, I couldn’t think of a good post for RevPub. I decided to make it more personal and write about a topic we’ve never covered. And this post is the result. Try writing something new to you – a poem, short story, article, etc. – and see what you create!

5. Read.
In today’s tech world, we skim, not read. Try sitting down and reading a magazine, a few chapters in a book, articles, or something from a favorite author. Good writing often recharges me and makes me want to write something as good or better.

6. Treat yourself.
We work hard, so reward yourself. If you love Starbucks, then go get a latte. If you love chocolate, books, toys, clothes, or video games, then go buy something. Treating yourself will perk you up and help regain confidence, so you can get back to writing.

7. Try something new.
A fun activity may spark a new interest and lead to new ideas. Try a free online course, something outside like ziplining, or calling someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Maybe try a new recipe for dinner or picking up a new hobby. Something new creates excitement that will carry over into your work.

Thanks for hanging in there this morning, and I hope these tips help you as well. Happy writing, and feel free to share your tips below!

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