New Hobby: Tarot Card Reading

Thanks to TV and movies, I always thought Tarot card reading was a special skill or belief. I assumed it was frowned upon unless you were or wanted to be a psychic or someone else seeking supernatural guidance. It never occurred to me that I could pick up Tarot card reading as a hobby. Until now…

Recently, while reading the Beautiful Creatures quadrilogy (or quadruply as I like to call them), it dawned on me I could order a pack and learn to read. In the series Amma, a Seer, uses cards to see the future outcome of events. This character triggered a curiosity in me that I buried as a child because I thought Tarot cards were wrong in some way.

So, I ordered a pack. My friends and family thought I was a little crazy, but they embraced the idea, and I received a Zombie Tarot pack as well (thanks, James)!

The Cards and What It All Means

Tarot reading does not insinuate worshiping Satan or not believing in God. It’s about symbolism, and as an English major, I was trained to look for symbolism in everything I see and do. It’s all about interpretation. The cards represent human emotions and situations, and although some look into them for prophetic reasons, I am more interested in picking up a new hobby to entertain myself and friends.

There are multiple ways to lay out the cards depending on what you want to know. Each card represents specific emotions and can have different interpretations. For example, the death card does not necessarily mean death – it could mean the end of something or change. The lovers card does not mean sex, it represents youth, innocence, and true love “before it is corrupted by material possessions.”

Photo from
Photo from

The Rider Waite pack designed by Pamela Coleman Smith in 1903 is gorgeous; each card is a work of art. They are simple and effective, almost mystifying you as you shuffle them. My Zombie cards are somewhat bizarre and modernized, but they are very fun and zombie-apocalypse specific. I recommend either deck and encourage you to look for ones that may interest you; there are also angel, Steampunk, vampyre, and witch designs, to name a few.

The lovers card from Zombie Tarot
Photo from

The few readings I’ve done were lots of fun and full of laughs. Finding new hobbies can be a great stress release, rejuvenate you, and teach you something – especially about yourself. Sometimes a new hobby pulls me out of a funk or opens my mind to more possibilities, and often times, my hobbies help me focus more on things work, family, and goals.

Do you have any unusual hobbies you recommend? Feel free to share below!

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