Yes, that IS a Proton Pack!

Our previous posts have chronicled my costumes of Halloween past.  This year, I will probably re-use one of my previous costumes for a costume party, so there isn’t really anything new to show off.  I’d like to put together a Space Marine in the future, especially since there are so many “how-tos” on the internet now.  But that is a MAJOR investment in both money and time.  I may do a Commissar or Inquisitor in the meantime just to try something new.  I’d also like to try being a classic monster sometime, or the Predator, but the latter again costs some cash to make it look good.

This year, I had the opportunity to go to WizCon in Nashville and met up with two Ghostbusters groups (Tennessee and Kentucky). For a dollar donation (thanks, Raven!) I got to live out a dream 30 years in the making and put on a proton pack!  Furthermore, Winston Zeddemore himself, Ernie Hudson was in the building! (He looks exactly the same)

I was legitimately stoked.  Only seeing dinosaur bones comes close to this level of excitement for me.

I’m pretty happy to have a replica unlicensed nuclear accelerator on my back!

I think I'm listening to it.  It had a power switch that made the sound effects!
I think I’m listening to it. It had a power switch that made the sound effects!
Yep I'm in front of Vigo too!
Yep I’m in front of Vigo too!  For those interested I’m wearing a Jinx hoodie featuring a quote from Lucius Accius, which he attributes to Caligula, “oderint dum metuant” (let them hate so long as they fear)  You better fear!  I got a proton pack!

One thought on “Yes, that IS a Proton Pack!

  1. Great article James! One of my friends is a part of the TN Ghostbusters group, and he was there too! One of my acquaintances, Jason David Frank, had a booth there too I believe. I wish I would have been able to go 🙂

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