Yes, that IS a Proton Pack!

Our previous posts have chronicled my costumes of Halloween past.  This year, I will probably re-use one of my previous costumes for a costume party, so there isn’t really anything new to show off.  I’d like to put together a Space Marine in the future, especially since there are so many “how-tos” on the internet now.  But that is a MAJOR investment in both money and time.  I may do a Commissar or Inquisitor in the meantime just to try something new.  I’d also like to try being a classic monster sometime, or the Predator, but the latter again costs some cash to make it look good.

This year, I had the opportunity to go to WizCon in Nashville and met up with two Ghostbusters groups (Tennessee and Kentucky). For a dollar donation (thanks, Raven!) I got to live out a dream 30 years in the making and put on a proton pack!  Furthermore, Winston Zeddemore himself, Ernie Hudson was in the building! (He looks exactly the same)

I was legitimately stoked.  Only seeing dinosaur bones comes close to this level of excitement for me.

I’m pretty happy to have a replica unlicensed nuclear accelerator on my back!

I think I'm listening to it.  It had a power switch that made the sound effects!
I think I’m listening to it. It had a power switch that made the sound effects!
Yep I'm in front of Vigo too!
Yep I’m in front of Vigo too!  For those interested I’m wearing a Jinx hoodie featuring a quote from Lucius Accius, which he attributes to Caligula, “oderint dum metuant” (let them hate so long as they fear)  You better fear!  I got a proton pack!

Fun at the Nashville Comic Con and Expo

Some things can’t wait. This post is one of those things.

Instead of a traditional story of the month, we decided to talk about the Nashville Comic Con and Expo we attended this past Saturday, Sept. 14. It was actually our first take pics, spend-lots-of-money con!


Robert EnglundRobert Englund: I can’t speak for our whole group, but hearing Englund tell stories about shooting the Nightmare on Elm Street movies or share his feelings on the reboot was a real treat. Englund is a cool dude, and he loves the entertainment industry. You can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. I was blown away by the number of kids ages 10 and under who stood at the mic and asked him questions about his movies — it just shows that the slasher movie is alive and well. Englund treated every fan with the same respect and gratitude his fans showed him.

Costumes: I admit I was impressed by the costumes people walked around in all day. Sure, there were some standard ones you’d find at a party store, and then there were the costumes. The ones that made you stop and ask for a pic because they were so freaking cool. We all were so inspired by the ones who dressed up, we all decided to dress up for the upcoming Wizard World Comic Con in October!

This guy’s costume came complete with lights and sound effects!

The Crowd: Everyone was so unbelievably nice. There was no pushing, no fighting, and no attitude. It was a large group of people who were there to have fun. I did not see one person decline a photo op; it didn’t matter what they were doing at the time. The artists talked to you without pressuring you to buy, and you could walk away with almost anything signed.

Merchandise: One tip: bring cash and lots of it. It was no surprise there were dozens of vendors, but the amount of items they brought with them surprised me. There was SO much cool stuff – and it wasn’t just comic books. We found clothes, figures, games, accessories, artwork, hair bows, posters, weapons, stuffed animals, and almost anything else you can imagine.

Master Sword
My son bought a replica of the Master Sword. It’s almost as big as me.
Raven: Teen Titans print
Awesome Raven from Teen Titans print that I framed the next day.

We did miss Maggie and Glen from The Walking Dead, and I would have liked to have stayed for the costume contest, but I can see how the first time can be a little overwhelming. Thousands of people wandered all over the area, and you could easily spend 20-plus minutes at every table browsing through stuff or talking to artists. If you have never been to one, plan to spend at least a few hours there.

If you attended the event, we’d love to hear about your experience, and don’t forget your tickets for Wizard World. Who knows … maybe next year RevPub will have a booth!