A Supernatural Love/Hate Relationship

Supernatural fans around the world (10 million-plus on Facebook) anxiously await season 8’s premiere on Wed., Oct. 3.

I became a fan of the show after borrowing seasons 1-3 from my awesome RevPub partner. After the third episode, I was hooked. Since then, I have recommended the show to friends, co-workers, and family.

However, my relationship with Supernatural is not all roses and rainbows. I recently finished season 5 in full, which left me with the question: should the show have ended then? So, what better way to hash out an argument, than to start a discussion?

Oh Supernatural, how I love (and hate) thee. Let me list the ways…
(contains spoilers)

Love: The Winchester boys. You’re either a Sam fan or a Dean fan, but you like both. They are attractive, funny guys who have a good time and love what they do. I had the pleasure of attending the convention last year, and I loved them even more. The guys have great chemistry, entertain their audience, and truly care about their fans. They are some of the nicest celebrities you will ever meet.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles
Jared Padalecki (Sam) and Jensen Ackles (Dean)
Photo from ign.com

Love: The creativity. The show covers lore from witches to windigos, to shape shifters to ghosts, and genies to the Four Horsemen. If it’s supernatural, it has been in the show (or will be). I am often surprised by the plot and dialogue, and most times it’s well written and fun. And the soundtrack is perfect.

Both: The weak minor characters. For example, Meg, Becky, most of the angels and demons, the Leviathan. These characters are either disposable, or the actors aren’t great. Most times, they are only there to move the plot or irritate you.

Hate: My favorite characters being killed off. Bobby, the Trickster, Ellen, Jo, and Cass has died more times than I can count. Bobby’s death was cheap to his character and legacy, and bringing him back as a ghost was unnecessary. If one character deserved instant peace, it was Bobby.

Bobby Singer from Supernatural
Jim Beaver (Bobby)
Photo from chrystaldreams.centerblog.net

Love: The variety. In each season, there are episodes that will make you laugh, creep you out, and always give you a conversation starter. Some scenes have been a little goofy – such as a unicorn impaling a man – but it adds to the charm. They even made a show based on the show. That is one of the funniest episodes ever.

Hate: The drama. You need a little drama, but sometimes it’s too much. They don’t need to talk about their feelings that often. They’ve been through a lot and will never be “normal”. We get it.

Both: Seasons 5 and 7 plots. The angel/demon war dragged, and Leviathan were not nearly as bad ass as the writers wanted them to be. However, there are some really great episodes and new characters introduced in these seasons, so they’re must sees. Garth is one of my new favorites, and I hope he returns in season 8.

As you can see, Supernatural and I have a complicated relationship. It may seem crazy, but in every relationship, you must decide if it’s worth it. I remain a devoted fan, even though I don’t always agree with the writers and producers. They must be doing something right though, as the show is set to be the longest-running show in CW history.

As you tune in to watch season 8, be sure to check in next week as we kick off supernatural stories of our own. In celebration of Halloween and all things spooky, we will tell our stories – all true – of unexplained ghostly goodness.

In the meantime, enjoy one of our favorite videos from the show. Meet Death.

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