Off the Artboard #1: Byte Me

Since my previous post ended up being a brief novella due to the desire to express my inexhaustible love for Dragon Warrior I thought I would use this as an opportunity to be more graphical and less textual.

This concept came from my friend Ron Peaks at my day job who thought “You can megabyte me” would make a good t-shirt.  He’s a comedy assassin; the humor always comes from nowhere and slays you instantly.

I made these graphics based on the concept and thought (since I go back far enough) it would be amusing to see the history of “bytes.”  These images used several different techniques in Illustrator, two used 3D effects, two used the perspective tool; they all used various combinations of polygons, shape-builder, and gradients.  They represent a lot of what I learned in my first two months of dedicated Illustrator-ing, were fun to create, and made for nice bright graphics.

So here they are!  He was correct, they probably would make good t-shirts…

Kilo Byte Me
With 5.25 Inch Floppy Disk!
Mega Byte Me
With 3.5 Inch Floppy Disk!
Giga Byte Me
With DVD!
Tera Byte Me
With a Hard Drive!
2D Formats
These were the base graphics I created to build the logos. It was fun to revisit the all the various storage media of my past…

3 thoughts on “Off the Artboard #1: Byte Me

  1. peter

    Reblogged this on my adventure as a… and commented:
    as an alternative to gradients try finding stock textures that are allowed to be used by all. you could even shoot your own textures and incorporate them into the illustrations. try using the color more effectively so you don’t constantly have to put gradients on everything.

  2. James Castro

    Thanks for the tip! I’m still in the early stages of my Illustrator education and always welcome any pointers the more experienced users can provide.

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