15 Signs of a Horror Movie Fan

You know you’re a horror movie fan if…

  1. You conceal “weapons” throughout your home. I.e.: knitting needles, table lamps, hammers, screw drivers, vases, ball bats, kitchen knives, ink pens and hard-back books.
  2. You hear a strange noise so you grab a weapon and investigate.
  3. Once investigating, you never think to say, “Hello, is anyone there?”
  4. A strange noise isn’t an intruder, it’s a ghost.
  5. Nothing is weird or unexplained, it’s always a poltergeist.
  6. You have an evacuation plan for every building you enter in case of a zombie apocalypse.
  7. You have a plan and supplies, and you will survive the zombie apocalypse.
  8. When swimming in a lake or ocean, you can’t help but think something will grab your feet or legs at any moment.
  9. You feel compelled to howl at a full moon.
  10. Dolls creep you out, and you may be scared of clowns or leprechauns.
  11. Vampires are hot, and you secretly want to be one.
  12. More importantly, you felt that way before the Twilight series.
  13. You watch slasher movies to relax and boost your mood after a tough day at work or school.
  14. You were voted, “Final girl or guy” in class or at work.
  15. Last, but not least… Your child wakes up from sleep walking. The next morning there are scratches on his/her arm. Your first theory… demonic possession.

— From the mind and experiences of RP

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