Halloween and RevPub: New Merch Available

Hi everyone! As you may know, the RevPub team loves Halloween. The horror movies, costumes, trick-or-treating, ghouls and gothiness — it’s our favorite time of year. To celebrate this year, James created some great new merchandise! There are T-shirts, pillows, stickers, posters, phone cases and more, so be sure to them check out by clicking on the images below or visiting our Red Bubble site.

Red Bubble is offering 15% off on hoodies with the discount code HOODIE15, until Monday, Sept. 30 at midnight. Here’s one you may want to checkout:
revenant publications hoodie

Also, coming in October, we’re reviewing the best and worst horror movies (our picks), so don’t miss out. Great things are coming, and here’s to a happy October!


Slime pillow








slim ipad casezombie slime



Mega Byte me shirt design

Top Website Pick: Redbubble.com

It’s birthday season 2013. From May to August, I have eight close friends and family to buys gifts for or think of something awesome to do. It’s like Christmas on a smaller scale.

A few years ago, my husband came across a site with some really creative T-shirts in all sorts of styles and colors. He geeked out, and I found a goldmine where I could buy cool gifts for my closest peeps.

What is Redbubble?

Redbubble.com is not just an ordinary site. It’s an online community of artists who create their designs and sell them on a number of items including calendars, kids’ clothes, iPhone cases, stickers and posters. New designs are created daily, and you never know what you’ll find. It’s also free to join, and there are no membership fees.

My favorite thing about Redbubble is that it’s all about the artists. As a member, there is a profit split between the site and the artist. For example, if you sell a shirt, Redbubble may get 30 percent, but the artist receives 70. This is more than fair considering Redbubble makes the product and ships it to the customer. And it’s a great product. I have ordered several things and am always more than happy with the quality.

The only complaint I’ve heard is the prices are too high. Well, think about this: you’re not paying a large corporation or big-wigs, you’re paying a company and an artist who worked to design something you may not find elsewhere. Creative work is some of the most challenging kind. Members can set the price mark-up, which is flexible, and I’ve noticed most do 25-30 percent. That’s probably a little below or average for regular retail.

Here are some favorites of mine – some I’ve ordered, some I want. I hope you will take time to browse the site and find that perfect gift for someone.




Byte Me Shirts Now Available!

Anyone who saw the first Off the Artboard post “Byte Me” from June 27 saw designs that originated as T-shirt concepts. After some excellent planning and research by the more clever half of RevPub, they are the first Revenant Publications product now available!

They can be found on RedBubble.com at the following links and all styles are available, so you can express your inner 70s, 80s, 90s, or 2000s nerd! Check ’em out, and as always, thanks for the support!

Tera Byte Me by tigressmuse
Tera Byte Me
Mega Byte Me by tigressmuse
Mega Byte Me
Kilo Byte Me by tigressmuse
Kilo Byte Me
Giga Byte Me by tigressmuse
Giga Byte Me