Family Feud: For Families or Just Adults?

Family Feud, one of the most popular game shows of our time, has been around since 1976. I have seen the show progress throughout my life, enjoyed yelling answers at the T.V., and calling contestants idiots for not thinking of obvious answers.

Until recently, I hadn’t watched it in years, so I was a little unprepared a few weeks ago when my son and I were watching.

The question: Name something a woman puts in a male stripper’s g-string.

Ummm… what?

I didn’t freak out because he is a teenager, however I thought about all those families with small kids who may be watching. I can only imagine an 8-year-old asking, “Mom, what’s a g-string? What’s a stripper? And parents having some tough decisions to make.

Sure enough, my kid asked what a g-string was. With pink cheeks, I chose the honest answer even though I would have rather said, “a string in the shape of a G” (wink, wink). One answer was “her mouth,” which I did feel was a bit much. Isn’t this supposed to be a family-friendly show?

This is what inspired this post. Family Feud isn’t really for families. It hasn’t always been either. In fact, in the ’70s the show was slightly promiscuous with host Richard Dawson, but not because of the questions, but because he was a ladies man who loved the flirt and kiss them. Some questions provoked “adult” words, like sex, but for the most part it was nothing shocking, especially for the late ’70s and early ’80s.

As the show progressed with the times, it became more tame. Either I was conditioned to it as a kid (the last time I watched it with host Ray Combs), or I didn’t care, but nothing seemed very thought-provoking or too grown up. In the early 2000s, hosts Louie Anderson and Richard Karn brought the show into the 21st century, and I admit I only watched a few episodes, thinking it was a little boring or predictable.

Now in 2015, with host Steve Harvey, there’s definitely some spice, and most questions are way too adult for younger audiences. Recently, I’ve seen answers on the board such as “hot nurse”, “hoo hoo” (in reference to a female’s part), and heard questions like “name one thing you’d do if your husband was wearing a thong.”

I’m not opposed to the show, just opposed to it airing during early evening hours when many families are flipping channels before/after dinner. I’m a little surprised its allowed due to the content and the fact they won’t even show cartoons that are too adult before 9 p.m. It seems like bad taste, and I would hate for a small child to know too much too soon from watching a “family” game show that’s very age specific – 13 and up seems appropriate.

Overall, I enjoy the show, but I do warn those with younger kids to keep flipping channels for a few years. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, and enjoy these clips!

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