Top 6 Cellphone User Pet Peeves

RavenRantPeople undervalue the importance of cellphone etiquette. Yes, there is such a thing. Because we are attached at the palm, we forget our manners when we are with other people, and many don’t think twice about it. Using a cellphone in these circumstances has become common practice, and I hope you will share this, so we can work together to stop the madness.

Here are my biggest pet peeves about people and their cellphones:

1. In social settings. If I go out to lunch, dinner, or whatever with someone, and they constantly use their phone, we won’t go again. I find it incredibly rude. If it’s a one-on-one situation, and you text someone else the whole time, you should go hang out with the other person. Plus, it’s boring to watch someone text or play on their phone. I will not bring myself down to their level and do the same. If you’re out with someone, you should respect them and try for an interesting, engaging conversation. If you can’t have one, then suffer through it and don’t go out again.

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2. In a semi/public bathroom. Are you serious?! You can’t pee without talking on the phone? I overheard a woman have an entire conversation in a bathroom stall last week, and my initial reaction was to call her out. I considered flushing repeatedly too, so the other person would hear it and maybe say something. No one wants to hear your conversation, and there is no text that can’t wait. AND it’s unsanitary. Do your business, wash your hands, and leave. It’s simple.

3. While driving. It’s cool if you don’t care about your safety, but at least consider others’. People who talk and text while driving place everyone else on the road at risk. If it’s urgent, then pull over or wait a couple of minutes. Unless you work for an emergency responder, you should not be on the phone in the car. Ever. I told someone after being behind them on the interstate while they served and texted, that if they ever hit me, I would beat the #$%^ out of them. And if I survived a 70+mph wreck, I would.

4. At the movies/theater. Thankfully, I’ve seen improvement with this one the last couple of years. I’ve witnessed several people confronting offenders, and one guy kicked out for it. You’re in a movie – turn it off or leave it alone. If you don’t like the movie, leave. No one will care.

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5. While hosting. If your family or friends come ever, stay off your phone. At that point, your primary purpose is to make them comfortable and entertain them. Find things to do and talk about. I will not text someone when they have company, and even though they may try to argue about it, I won’t respond. I don’t care if the company is texting – they shouldn’t either – but I can’t control that. I can control whether I contribute to the rudeness and disregard of social etiquette. If you don’t care for them (ie: holiday functions), either remove yourself from the gathering or deal with it. You’ll survive.

6. In the elevator. I enjoy this pet peeve because I like to make people feel awkward or hear their call drop. It’s a metal box, you probably won’t have reception. I love to hear people ramble on about something and then say, “Hello? Hello?” I smile every time. My favorite people are the ones who cannot ride four floors without checking their phone. People will check their phone to avoid speaking to someone else, even though there is no obligation to. I love to stand there stone still and stare at the mirrored doors. It makes the other person very uncomfortable.


Feel free to share your stories and pet peeves in the comments below!


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