Top 10 Christmas Pet Peeves


Before everyone thinks I’m a Scrooge, I’m going to try to do a two-part series for the holidays. The first is this post, and the second will be what I like about the holidays. Admittedly, the second will probably be shorter, but I’ll do my best to be fair. So, for all those people who don’t love the holiday, here’s my list:

1. Presents over good deeds – Christmas is supposed to be about giving, not getting. It’s not about getting upset because you didn’t get the perfect gift. How many people are donating time to shelters? How many people are adopting angels or giving money to charity. That is what the season is supposed to be about. It’s not about materialism – it’s a about giving all of yourself to make someone’s life better, even if only for a few weeks.

2. Traffic/driving – As soon as time changes, the city loses its mind. Nashvillians can’t drive on sunny days, much less when it’s dark. When the city goes out every night to a party or for shopping, traffic gets worse. People are rude too because where they need to be is more important. Right?

3. Shopping – We need to fight over a TV? A tablet? A PS4? No. Stores open on Thanksgiving day should be ashamed of themselves. Let employees be with their loved ones. People will shop no matter what, and we don’t have to do it in one day! We don’t have to fight or disrespect each other over gifts.

4. Facebook/Christmas Tree pics – This year has been especially bad with Christmas tree pics. As I scroll through my feed every day, I can’t help but think “Would you like a medal because you put up your tree? Congrats. You joined millions of people. They all look the same. No one cares.”

5. Buying for everyone – Yes, this is my fault. I feel obligated to buy for people I care about or appreciate. It’s the people who never talk to me and who don’t care about me who I have a problem with. It’s not that I don’t like them; it’s that I don’t feel I should have to spend my money on them because of tradition or obligation. If I opted out, I know what would happen…

6. Winter weather – This week, it was 75 degrees and two days later 32 with the threat of ice. Cold weather and dreariness makes people grumpy. People have to get out but don’t want to, so they are especially nasty and crazy if it rains/ices/sleets/snows.

7. Attitudes – I don’t care what people say, people are not nicer during Christmas. If anything, they’re more rude and impatient. I had a person ride my bumper and honk at me in a school zone Friday morning. I responded with slowing down and holding the bird out the window. That’s my response to your schedule; we all have things to do.

8. Putting up Christmas stuff before Halloween – If you walked into a store in October, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Halloween has two weeks of love, whereas Christmas had two months. I realize people buy more at Christmas, but if you read No. 1 you know that’s not the point of the holiday.

9. Christmas music – I worked in a grocery store for 10 years. I’ve heard enough Christmas music to last a lifetime. Unless it’s U2’s It’s Christmas Baby, Please Come Home, I’ll pass.

10. Perkiness – I get so much crap for not being perky during the holidays. Yes, I put in Mudvayne and Marilyn Manson to drown out Christmas music. No, I’m no more peppy than usual; I don’t need a holiday to be in a good mood. I don’t criticize people for being joyful and happy, so leave me alone and let me be me.

Remember to be a little nicer this week, and maybe we can stop the madness!

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