An Unlikely Thanksgiving Treat

Let’s face it, sequels are lame.  They either do the exact same thing as the first film, only less effectively, or they do something completely different and lose all of what made their progenitor worthy of continuance.

Every now and then, however, a sequel can surprise you and sometimes even surpass the original.  A couple of famous, celebrated examples are Aliens and Terminator 2; two Jim Cameron films that built on what the original did and included new elements that added to their luster.  But then there are some less-well known films, where the original isn’t considered a classic, the sequel relatively forgotten, and, while both are actually fun movies, the sequel is by far the better.  In this particular case, I’m talking about Addams Family Values.

The original live-action Addams Family film starring Raoul Julia, Angelica Huston, Christopher Lloyd, and a very young Christina Ricci, was a fun little caper film.  Well-acted and entertaining.  Addams Family Values is far zanier.  It’s like the best episode of your favorite cartoon show, big laughs, satisfying stories, priceless moments.  The dark humor is spot-on, every actor is terrific (bringing great characters to the sequel are Joan Cusack as a psychotic black widow, with Peter MacNicol  and Christine Baranski as two sociopathically happy camp counselors, and you’ll even spot Tony Shaloub in there if you look carefully…) and still featuring all the actors from the first returning to their original roles.

It’s goofy, dark, simple, and damned entertaining.  I’ve seen it dozens of times and laugh all the way through it.

So why am I posting this on the day before Thanksgiving?  Because it’s the only movie I actually like (sorry but Planes, Trains, and Automobiles isn’t entertaining to me at all…) that has a memorable Thanksgiving theme and the ONLY Thanksgiving song I know.  The Thanksgiving song is one of my favorite movie musical moments.  It sounds ridiculous but it’s true.  Doubt me?  Well here it is!

And for the great full Thanksgiving play:

Happy Thanksgiving from RevPub!

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