Urban Legend: Great 90s Teen Horror

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Maybe it’s age or the fact that being younger is most times easier, but I kind of miss the 90s. A good friend said recently that people were happier in the 90s, and looking back, I have to agree. Even as miserable as adults seemed back then, they didn’t seem as stressed out or tired.

With that said, I’ve subconsciously sunk into a 90s kick. First, it was Are You Afraid of the Dark, now it’s Clarissa Explains It All (review coming later), and tonight as I flipped channels, Urban Legend on TV. And this week’s post was decided.

Urban Legend (1998) is 90s teen horror at its finest. The writing, cast, soundtrack – this movie had it all. A serial killer knocks off teens based on urban legends, and every stereotype you can imagine is in this movie. There’s the douchey popular guy, the final girl, the college newspaper writer, etc. – even Robert Englund plays a professor! It may be my favorite teen horror movie.

Here are my top five reasons I love Urban Legend: (Contains Spoilers)

1. The killer: If you grew up in the 90s, you know the Noxzema chick, Rebecca Gayheart. That commercial was on all the time, and she was a classic 90s teen icon. Her big eyes and fluffy hair were almost unforgettable, especially when she went psycho crazy in the movie.

2. The writing: For a teen horror movie, the script is pretty well written, and there aren’t many bad one liners. When it is bad, it’s supposed to be. It never takes itself too seriously. My favorite line, “Don’t you want to be an urban legend? All your friends are now.”

3. Jared Leto: Any ladies around my age know what I’m talking about.

4. The soundtrack: I just noticed the soundtrack tonight as I listened to the movie. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stabbing Westward, The Crystal Method, Rob Zombie, all signature 90s artists.

5. The kills: There’s blood, guts, and a lot of screaming. Because the kills are based on urban legends, it’s more entertaining than your traditional slasher movie. For example, there’s the girl who gets axed in her car, the guy who drinks Draino, and the date who gets hanged in the tree. I remember watching the guy on stage drink Poprocks and Coke, and I almost died. Sadly, he didn’t.

I admit I haven’t seen the sequels, so if you have any thoughts about them or recommend them, let us know! And for fun, check out the old Noxzema commercial 🙂

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