Story of the Month: Cold-Weather Karma

Story of the month header with quill and ink

I love my friends. I love them dearly, but sometimes they think they know everything, and I am just a damsel in distress. This is not the case, and sometimes I depend on my good friend karma to help me out.

Cold-Weather Karma

I drive a 350Z, which is not ideal for driving on ice or snow. It’s real-wheel drive and doesn’t have traction on slick surfaces. If it’s too slick, I will spin my back tires and fishtail in circles. As fun as that is, it can be a little inconvenient when I need to get to work.

My 350Z covered in a fresh snow

A good friend offered to give me a ride to work one morning due to inclement weather. He even made a special trip to Starbucks, so we could have our special coffees for work. Sweet, right?

We arrived at the office and started to get out of his vehicle. Then I heard in a mocking tone, “Be careful, you don’t want to fall and hurt yourself,” and “Don’t move too fast,” and “Are you sure you can make it to the door?” He even tried or did open the vehicle door for me.

As he mocked me and my inability to drive in the snow, suddenly his Starbucks cup went flying through the air and he landed on his ass. Yes, in mid-sentence, karma had my back and took his feet out from under him. It looked something like this…

black and white of guy falling on ice
Photo by:

I couldn’t do anything but laugh. And I mean really laugh, doubled over and barely breathing. Out of instinct I rescued his coffee and continued to laugh. After a moment, I managed to ask if he was okay, and he helped himself up. I handed him his coffee, and we walked into the building, and I was still laughing.

The moral here is simple: Karma is real, and it will make an example out of you. My pal and I still joke about his fall and how horrible I am for laughing and going after the coffee. But he never teased me about the weather again. I think we all know karma would come back again 🙂 Be careful out there!

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