Story of the Month Debut: Wrong Number

Everyone has a great story – some have dozens, some have hundreds. This month we would like to debut our Story of the Month to highlight those stories that we will always remember. We hope you enjoy our quirky, weird, and often funny true stories.

Story of the month header with quill and ink

Wrong Number

A few weeks ago, I pulled into the driveway and checked my phone for texts. I had one (big surprise), but this was from a number I didn’t recognize. It read:

Hey Steve this is Sarah. Rob gave me your number. There is nothing left for my dad he’s gone. I can’t take this.

Gasp! This poor girl just lost her dad and texted the wrong person. Really?

The dilemma kicked in because I didn’t know what to do. Am I really going to text this person with, “Wrong number” or do I ignore it? She already seemed a little unstable, understandably, so if I ignored it, she may think the intended recipient doesn’t care. Who knows what will happen after that…

After a few minutes of sitting there with an over-active imagination, I responded. I replied the only way I could:

I am so sorry for your loss, but you have the wrong number. I hope you’re ok…

I knew at that moment, that story was a keeper. I felt kind of awful about the wrong number part but felt it was necessary. The girl never responded, but I’d like to think she checked her number, found the right person, and got the shoulder she needed.

So there’s my craziest text to date. Do you have a crazy wrong number story? Feel free to share below!

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