Full House — 20 Years Later

When I told a couple of friends I was going to review Full House, their jaws dropped. For those who don’t know me, I don’t look (or act) like I would enjoy the sitcom. I have a reputation for being no BS, sarcastic, and tough. Full House is none of those things, so why in the world would someone like me review this show?

Twenty years ago, little Raven laid on her bed and watched back-to-back episodes every afternoon. This week, 30-year-old Raven laid on her couch with her son to watch back-to-back episodes. Not much has changed…

I was thrilled to see Full House come back, and I knew while watching an episode this week, the show was post worthy. So, here’s what’s changed and what hasn’t in 20 years.


I appreciate the show. I never thought I would want a clean, feel good, very cheesy show to chill to after a day at the office. It’s now cool and funny to be sarcastic and mean, so it’s nice to step into an alternate universe of feel-good family goodness – where people are not glued to their portable devices.

It’s outdated in many ways. It was 20 years ago before technology ruled the world, Harleys and car knowledge was a guy thing, and women wore shoulder pads in everything.

The cast. Other than John Stamos, has anyone seen the rest of the cast? For the most part, the cast is long gone with families (and problems) of their own.

I get it. As an adult, I understand all the jokes and appreciate the non-traditional household that was healthy and supportive. A dad, brother-in-law, and best friend raise three girls. Not only did they raise them, but you knew everything would be okay. And for the most part, it always is. Hope is a powerful thing.

What Remains the Same

John Stamos is still hot. He was the heart-throb of Full House and has aged well. You may remember him from ER and Glee.

Stephanie is still annoying. Her character was nosy and whiny – everything a little sibling is – but she still irritates me, and my son agrees.

There’s always a lesson. D.J. got a job to pay for her own phone line. Stephanie owned up to driving a car through the kitchen. Michelle replaced the classroom bird she accidentally let fly out a window. The show taught kids to own their mistakes and fix them, and honesty is always the best policy.

It’s still cheesy. It was the early 90s, so being raised during the grunge music era and loving movies like Reservoir Dogs and Clueless, it was not cool to like Full House. The jokes are predictable, there are catch phrases, the mushy moments are overly dramatic, and it’s a little unrealistic. But who needs realism? Life has more than enough of it.

It’s still fun. I watched fours hours of Full House this week and enjoyed every minute. It’s not complicated, well written, and great for all ages. I heard Bobby Brown’s My Prerogative on an episode and was nostalgic for 90s dance music and R&B. I knew every word, too.

Full House, like The Cosby Show and Fresh Prince, will live on for a long, long time. I feel like a “real” adult when I say they just don’t make shows like they used to. I look forward to watching more and hearing from you. What old show you would like to see again? Share in the comments below!