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Psych Tuesday the 17th: Must Watch Halloween 2016

Psych’s Tuesday the 17th ranks in my top three, if not No. 1, in my favorite Psych episodes. It’s the perfect mix of horror/comedy and has some of the most memorable scenes from any episode. Also, anyone who enjoys the Friday the 13th series will enjoy it, as audiences can see the Psych crew loves the series just as much. So much so that James Roday was interviewed in His Name Was Jason, the documentary that spans the 30-year franchise.

For those reasons and many more, I’ve picked Tuesday the 13th as the must watch for this Halloween. Here’s why:

Friday the 13th – Psych Style

As a fan of the earlier Friday the 13th movies, I was beyond excited when Psych released the trailer for their Tuesday the 17th episode, which aired on Friday the 13. Imagine … Camp Tikihama (Camp Crystal Lake, Camp Blood), with stereotyped counselors, a creepy old guy, and Shawn and Gus.

I won’t go into much detail because I don’t want to ruin anything, but the Psych crew did an amazing job with this episode. The first half is the set-up, packed full of comedy and suspense as everyone looks for a missing counselor, Annie. You may recognize the name as the optimistic counselor from the original who’s hitchhiking her way to camp. Then the twist happens, and the second half goes much darker. Even though it goes dark, it never loses its Psych sense of humor.

Homage to Friday the 13th

Tuesday the 17th pays homage to the first two films. And the show references the movies throughout the entire process. Here are just a few examples:

  • It’s shot in classic 80s style atmosphere. Usually, Psych episodes are bright and crystal clear, but not this one. It’s a little fuzzy with smart use of lighting, playing on light vs. dark. Psych actually does this much better than most horror movies that have been released in the last 10 years.
  • The entire episode takes place at the camp in the woods.
  • The group plays a game of strip cribbage, similar to the strip Monopoly in the original movie.
  • Erwin. The creepy old janitor who yells, “You’re all doomed,” which is a throwback to the second movie.
  • There is a Jason. No spoilers!
    They reference the movie and the fact that they’re in a slasher-movie scenario. There is indeed a killer on the loose, and he’s wearing a potato sack.

Role Reversal

The audience immediately knows this episode will be different because Shawn and Gus switch roles. From the beginning, Shawn is skeptical of the entire situation, while Gus shows no fear. Any Psych fan knows Gus is not fearless and runs from danger, so it’s nice to see him in a more fearless role, and he is hilarious.

Lassie’s Side Plot

Psych often had a couple of plots in each episode, ensuring the show never got too silly or too dramatic and the audience never got bored. When not at Camp Tikihama, the audience is with Lassiter during a very important life change. As it happens, you’re a little thrown off, but it’s huge in Lassiter’s character development. Each subplot scene lasts only a couple of minutes, and by the end, you know nothing will be the same … for anyone.

Rewatch Value

When this episode premiered in 2009, I was still recording on DVD. This was before the wonderful DVR was available. The night it premiered, I fell in love. I watched it twice that night, then several times over the weekend, and I’ve seen it a hundred times since. It’s that good.

It pairs well with the Friday the 13th traditions of watching the movies on every Friday the 13th, as you can watch Psych the following Tuesday on the 17th. I also recommend watching Friday the 13th 1 and 2, then watching Psych to get all the references.

If you love horror and horror/comedy, this show is a must. Also, I you’ve never seen the show, then watch this one episode. Tuesday the 17th is Psych doing everything the cast and crew loves to do: Have fun and keep the audience entertained while paying homage to a horror classic.

We hope you enjoy it and have a happy Halloween!

A quick note to Netflix fans: Netflix has announced it will remove Psych on November 1, so this Halloween may be your last chance to see it there.

Psych: One Year Later

Psych‘s final episode aired nearly a year ago (3/26/2014). The final episode ended well: Shawn and Gus moved Psych to another city, Shawn and Jules got engaged, and prior to that, Lassiter became the new chief.

Psych final episode
Photo by:

I’m very open about how much I love this show. As silly as it seems, I miss it. I felt like a little piece of me went away when the show did. However, I feel like I should honor its memory by honoring the year anniversary.

Here are some ideas on how to survive Psych withdrawals as this difficult time of year approaches:

    • Watch an episode from each season. For the first four, I suggest: Scary Sherry, American Duos, Tuesday the 17th, Bollywood Homicide
    • Watch the Yin, Yang trilogy in order. James Roday says in a goodbye video, this trilogy is something he’s most proud of. Psych: The Musical completes Ally Sheedy’s story line, so make it a quadruple set for full enjoyment.
    • Go on a treasure hunt to find the bobbleheads. Good luck! Quick online searches show these babies cost at least $99 each. They have doubled in price, and did so well before the show ended.
    • Make Psych‘s Fries Quatro Queso Dos Fritos. Even I’m not brave enough to do this, and remember they don’t travel well. They are balls of heart attacks waiting to happen, but I must admit they look delicious. Find the recipe here on Mission: Food.
    • Eat a pineapple. And canned doesn’t count. Not only is the pineapple Psych‘s signature mascot, it’s also great for you. This may help off-set the fries, too!
    • Dress in Psych swag. Sure, you may feel silly, but there are shirts, pajamas, slippers, pillows, charm bracelets and tons more to show your Psych pride. People dress up to watch football and basketball games, so why not dress up for a Psychathon?
    • Play a game. Depending on where you live and work, this may or may not be a good idea, but I must suggest it. Spend a day telling people to suck it. Or say what? to everything everyone says. This will probably be more fun for you — although you may find others who are just as obsessed with the show.
    • Dance. Imagine working in an office, completing a project or solving a problem, and breaking out into a dance. This will certainly break up the day, and dancing is a great way to exercise. If you want to go all out, pick a Shawn and Gus dance!
    • Watch the last episode. If you haven’t seen it, watch the finale. I know lots of people who started the show and never finished it. That’s okay; there were 121 episodes. If you enjoyed the show though, check out the last one because you won’t be disappointed.

A Love Letter to Psych

I received some bad news this week. To most, this may seem silly or dumb, but to me this was momentarily Earth shattering. Wednesday night, Psych announced this would be the last season. Five episodes left, and they’re done.

I cannot express how much this hurt. I have followed a show since day one, and I wasn’t even sure I would like it. It originally followed Monk, which was a hard show to follow. I loved Monk, and Psych looked a little too goofy for me. Oh, was I wrong.

I’ve wanted to review Psych or at least talk about my favorite episodes for awhile, but it never felt right. I hold it so close to my heart that it’s hard to put into words. I never felt that I could express why this show is so awesome or why it means so much to me.

Therefore, I’m writing my love letter to Psych. I can’t write this after the final episode because I will be a bumbling mess, and sometimes you have to ram an issue head on and never look back. I hope you enjoy what the show means to me…

  • It always makes me laugh. Unless you know me well, this isn’t easy. Psych never lets me down, and it always cheers me up. I have rewatched every episode dozens of times, and I laugh every time. There’s no rhyme or reason to it – sometimes it’s a facial expression, sometimes a one-liner, or even a nickname for Gus. The show isn’t afraid to be silly, and it embraces randomness. We need to laugh often, and Psych brings me happiness in the darkest times.
  • It’s my escape. I’m a full-time everything and work a lot. I seldom have free time, much less undisturbed alone time. Psych is that for me. I don’t want to be talked to or interrupted; that’s my hour to lose myself and relax. I binge watch to get lost and go to a place that’s simple and familiar. I can shut out the rest of the world and not think.
  • It speaks to my generation. So few shows aim at my age group, and the ones that do are very nichey. Psych covers everything from horror movies to wrestling to 80s movies to 90s pop culture. It’s almost impossible to get every reference, and you can rewatch them and pick up new ones. My favorites are the tributes to horror movies (Tuesday the 17th, The Devil in the Upstairs Bedroom, Here’s Lassie, etc.), and I’m not ashamed to say I have watched Tuesday the 17th every Tuesday the 17th since the episode aired, no matter what.
  • It’s love. When you truly love something, you should show it. I have a pillow, hoodie, two sets of PJs, slippers, bobble heads, two pineapples, etsy models, all seasons on DVD, and a shirt. Most of those were gifts, but my friends and family know that Psych is a straight path to my heart. I’m mildly obsessed and proud of it.

Psych pillow

With that said, I will miss the show terribly, but I will always cherish it. Psych has made me laugh, cry, and scream for joy. I want to thank the cast and team who made a great show – one that I have looked forward to for the last eight years. I wish the cast and crew all the best, and hope they continue to brighten up the world. It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye, but as Chaucer said, “There is an end to everything, to good things as well.”

RevPub Christmas Special Favorites: Part 2

Merry Christmas from Revenant Publications!

If you’re reading this, you must have needed a break from the chaos and holiday cheer. I’m happy to help! In the spirit of the season, here’s my continuation from yesterday’s Christmas specials list:

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965): I’m mean like Lucy and think Snoopy is the most smart-ass dog ever, so of course this is on my list. This is the only Peanuts special I really enjoy, and it’s message is very sweet. In fact, James even found a “tree” that reminded me of the one the kids took home and loved. The music is fun, too, and it’s a heart-warming little special that delivers a great message.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966): My amazing grandmother used to read this book to us all the time. It’s a terrific story and probably my favorite Christmas special. The Grinch and I are a lot alike: our shoes are too tight, our hearts are two sizes too small, and we hate the whole Christmas season. And like the story goes, our hearts grow, we see the meaning of the season, and have the twinkle in our eye. The TV special comes alive with wonderful, catchy songs and colorful images, and who can forget the Grinch’s evil grin?

Wings – A Terminal Christmas (1990), Twas the Heist Before Christmas (1995), All About Christmas Eve (1996): Wings is one of my favorite shows ever, and I don’t get to work it in nearly enough! The Christmas specials are fun and quirky and real. There’s not much fake Christmas cheer – it’s like watching a group of people deal with the holidays with jokes and lots of sarcasm. Families annoy them and people freak out. Of course, shenanigans occur but everything works out in the end, in its own way.

Spongebob – Christmas Who? (2000) and Fairly Odd Parents Christmas Every Day (2001): Being a parent rocks most of the time, and I’ve enjoyed these gems with my son for years. Once Spongebob learns about Christmas, he tries to bring it to Bikini Bottom. Squidward is the Scrooge character, and it is a fun episode with lots of good songs and sweetness. In Fairly Odd Parents, Timmy wishes every day is Christmas and the repercussions of that wish are awesome. His parents become slugs, the other holidays riot against Santa, and the fairies lose their powers because they have to give them to Santa. The people are exhausted as they sing, “On the 15th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…” Both shows are great for kids and adults.

Psych – Gus’ Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy (2007), Christmas Joy (2008), The Polarizing Express (2010): It’s hard for me to pick a favorite from these three; they’re all good for their own reasons. If you haven’t seen Psych and enjoy random fun with a little crime fighting, you should check it out. These specials stand alone, and all are SO funny. One of my favorite consistent themes is the competition between Shawn and his dad to guess what they got for Christmas. There’s nothing like a little game to spice up the holidays!

We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday! Eat lots of food and laugh – it’s almost over!

Psych’s Uzi Flowers: A Special Gift

This was a real first for me. For the first time in 20 years, I picked up a paint brush that wasn’t for trim or a wall. I painted a little in my youth but never anything more than your typical ten-year-old.

In my post about Red Bubble, I mentioned the important of thoughtful gifts. And this month, one of my dearest and best friends had a birthday. He is incredibly difficult to shop for though, so I have to get creative. Really creative.

This painting first premiered in Psych’s This Episode Sucks, and my pal immediately texted me about it immediately. In fact, a couple of people did, and you have to admit, it’s pretty friggin’ cool.

Psych's uzi flower painting

The problem is you can’t buy the painting. I’ve read through dozens of forums and posts searching for the artist and/or painting, but turned up empty handed. The problem-solver in me thought, “Psh. If I can’t find it, I’ll just paint it.” And that’s exactly what I did.

The flowers were not a problem for me, but I knew the Uzi would be, so my amazing RevPub partner penciled the Uzi on the canvas. From there, I printed a picture of the original and used it to paint my version. It’s not an exact match, which is a good thing, but I think it came out well. This project also inspired me to paint regularly because it was fun, relaxing, and something different. I can’t draw or visualize things, but I look forward to painting more penciled drawings!

It just proves that you should never be afraid to try something new. You never know what talents lit inside you or what new hobbies you’ll find!

*If anyone knows the original artist’s name, feel free to leave it in the comments section.

Started pencil sketch of Uzi
The start of painting the sketch. I did the shading in pencil and the basic outline first.
Uzi painted in full color scheme.
Uzi painted in full color scheme. I lost all the lines but having a print out and pics helped a lot.
Full painting after flowers were painted.
Full painting after flowers were painted. I sketched them in pencil.
Completed uzi flower painting
Completed Uzi flower painting. I had no idea how to shade, so I made my own version!