The Philosophy of Frozen

Off The Top of My HeadI’m a guy in my thirties so why would I discuss a Disney animated feature from last year marketed (if you buy into the whole “gender roles” thing) mostly to young girls?  Because I think it actually has a lot of very good messages that apply to everyone.  It may have just hit me at the right time, but it really did strike me as a having very positive philosophic message and I picked my favorites.  Since it has a wintry atmosphere it felt like the right season!

1.) Conceal it Don’t Feel it: A lot of us have found ourselves in environments where repression was favored over personal expression.  As the film, and life, have shown that kind of thinking only leads to temporary containment and eventual explosion of bottled up emotion.  These releases can be positive or negative…so it’s better to live with and as you truly are.  The people who truly care about you will understand.

2.) Nothing’s in My Way: A number of times over the past few years I’ve felt that “waiting for the right time” or the “perfect moment” was the best thing I could do.  Keeping the status quo until everything was just so would yield the best results.  Only very recently I realized there is no perfect moment.  And the only thing in the way of my progress was me.  So for the first time in forever I’ve really felt like nothing’s in my way.  And that’s true for most of us.

3.) Let it Go:  The most important message I think of the film.  We all linger on what could have been, stew over how we were wronged, and lament over what we’ve lost.  Spend too much time looking back and you’ll never see what you have here, and now.  All that stuff is a burden and a weight to carry.  Use it, learn from it, but once we’ve used it…let it go…and make room for something new.

4.) People Don’t Really Change:  Though it’s mentioned in a song about love I find this to be true in all human interactions.  Though the details of a person may change their foundations never do.  Honorable people generally stay honorable, scoundrels stay scoundrels.  Loyal people are loyal to the end and bastards always seek their moment to be bastardy.  And it may sound strange but I firmly believe that we can have all these kinds of people as friends, even the worst of the worst, as long as we fully understand who and what they are.  Trying to change that chaotic evil into lawful good though will result in nothing but agony for both.

and last but not least…

5.) Reindeer are Better than People:  That goes for most animals…they are better than people 😉

This movie really did have an impact on me.  Again it may have been the right story at the right time…but it opened me up to a number of realizations about how I perceive my own life.

From the RevPub Team to all of you, Happy Holidays (or happy lack of holidays for all the non-celebrators out there) we’ll have more new content coming soon and will have even bigger and better stuff coming in the new year!


Off the Top of My Head #4: The Unconventional Wit and Wisdom of Karl Pilkington

Off The Top of My Head

Genius is an objective concept.  What might seem like genius to one person may seem absolutely ridiculous to another.  What might seem simplistic may be brilliant.  What is absurd and what is genius can be blurred by perspective and not all of us agree on what is profound and what is nonsense.

Enter Karl Pilkington.

Karl Pilkington

A friend at work told me about the show Idiot Abroad and frankly due to the title and my lack of interest in the concept I resisted watching it.  I since have seen the show, The Ricky Gervais Show HBO episodes, and read two of Karl’s books.  Despite what Ricky Gervais believes, I think Karl is a kind of genius (which according to Ricky makes me an idiot too…), but like Ricky…I can’t get enough of his peculiar form of brilliant insanity.  I’ve included several of videos featuring Karl in this post.  All are hilarious, but be aware there is some  typical Ricky Gervais-language in them.

For those who don’t know him, Karl Pilkington was a radio producer on Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s radio show.  They found his unique outlook and simplistic views on things to be so entertaining they have since put him in their podcasts and twice sent him around the world.

Ricky refers to Karl as a “moron, he is a round, empty-headed chimp-like, mank moron.  Buffoon.  Idiot…but absolutely lovable.”  Stephen Merchant states Karl is, “Some kind of real-life Homer Simpson…small minded, petty, but at his core a  good person.”

I find Karl to be rather more intellectual and philosophical than idiotic; albeit in quite an unconventional way.  Karl can ponder the functions of the human mind, the future, and discuss the nature of virtual life vs. real life.  At the same time he believes dolphins with rifles escaped during Hurricane Katrina; that longer days on Mars are the cause for Martian technological advancement; and that monkeys can steal cars, serve as doctors, and fly spaceships via training with a banana chute.

Hearing Karl’s unconventional and sometimes seemingly mad ideas (like population control could be accomplished by having old women give birth to the next generation right before they die) it’s easy to jump to the conclusion that he is an idiot as Ricky describes.  To me, despite his sometimes pessimistic tendencies, he seems to think with a positive attitude, meaning when he finds a story that interests him he doesn’t come at it from a perspective of, “this can’t be true.”  Instead he comes at it from the angle, “why can’t this be true?”  He approaches the stories he reads with a certain level of naivety, accepting what is presented simply because he “read it.”  This can lead him to very unusual conclusions, and it doesn’t help that even legitimate stories he reads get, as Karl would say, “bungled in” with other stories and facts (like Mt. Everest growing and a piano being found on top of it.)  I find his willingness to accept unrealistic concepts as refreshing and creative (even if he doesn’t always see it as creativity).  Also, as he says when he selects a dictionary as the book he’d most want to bring to a desert island, he isn’t always able to express his thoughts in the clearest way.  I know I’ve been there, so I identify with him when he struggles to put his thoughts into words.

His views are also completely void of vitriol or malice.  When he talks about unusual people (he calls them all “freaks”), other cultures, poetry, and vacationing in other countries he doesn’t express a hateful opinion just his honest one.  I actually prefer his honest, yet sometimes ignorant, perspective far more than the crowd-pleasing, phony, politically correct beliefs we see from most pundits.

It’s like Karl lives in his own world, and that would be a fascinating place to be…

If you are unfamiliar with Karl, look him up on the internet and/or get a copy of The Ricky Gervais Show on podcast or video.  Even if you don’t think he’s a modern day philosopher (as I do!) you’re bound to laugh at his antics.

My next post will be a review of the first season of Karl’s travel program, An Idiot Abroad.  A terrific show that puts an unconventional man in unfamiliar surroundings and hilarity ensues.  For now, enjoy this, one of my favorite videos!

And check out Karl’s official site here!