Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Review

I would not call myself a gamer. I am pretty up-to-date on what comes out and which ones are popular, but I owe that to my large group of gamers who I spend time with. My son, husband, brothers, and best friends are all avid gamers, and it fascinates me. But I’ve never had the patience to sit down and play to the end.

When I was younger, I played the Marios, and I even beat Paper Mario 64 about 10 years ago. I’ve played other classics like Pacman and Final Fantasy, but up until this year Paper Mario 64 was the only game I had beat.

Then Lego games came into my life.

The Lego video games won my heart. Although I have beaten Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4, I am going to discuss the most fun game I have played to date: Lego Pirates of the Caribbean.

Lego Pirates is the perfect game adaptation to the movies. The game contains all four movies, and you can choose which movie you go into. It’s easy, quick, and a great way to kick back after a long day.

Here’s why:

  • You can break nearly everything with your weapon. There is something very satisfying about hitting a bucket or tree with a sword causing it to bust into Lego pieces, which count as money and rank you as a true pirate.
  • You can play as your favorite character. Playing as five different Jack Sparrows in World’s End was a blast!
  • It’s easy to play. Like any game it can be frustrating, but you’re never stuck long.
  • The Lego graphics and in-between scenes are funny. They won’t kill Lego Norrington; they will take his head off, shove a fish up it, and you watch it swim away. Davy Jones looks amazing too.
  • It’s good, clean fun. It’s a Lego game, so you can play with your small child in the room or they can play it. Co-ops are a great way to spend time together, too.
  • You get lost in Lego world. When your eyes are tired and you can’t read, or you’re anxious but don’t have the energy to work or sleep, this games lets you to kick back and have fun. No worries, no deadlines, just action-packed fun.

My complaints:

  • It’s easy to overthink. Coming from a long line of gamers, I expect to solve some complicated puzzle or need a code. That’s not the case in Lego games. Once you figure it out, you’ll often say OHHH … and feel a little dumb for not solving it sooner.
  • When more than two characters are involved, they can get in your way. This week, I had to “kill” my own teammate because he was in my way (he really just exploded into Lego pieces). How many of you have fantasized about doing that in real life? 😉

This game is perfect for anyone who loves the Pirates franchise – no matter your gaming experience. It’s highly addictive though, so if you can’t control yourself, make sure you watch the clock. I have lost sleep more than once while playing these games.

I hope anyone interested will try it, and if you have played it, let us know what you think below!