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Thanks to everyone who read RevPub’s very first publication, Lil Horsemen #1: How Death and War Postponed the Apocalypse.  I thought I’d share some of the art that went into the creation of the book.  All the character art was pencil-drawn and the first issue consisted of more than 55 individual character drawings and dozens of computer-rendered pieces.  Seeing as how this is a relatively simple story, it makes me wonder how my more ambitious stories will go!
Here are a couple of my favorites.  In the next couple of weeks, while I’m in the planning stages of Issue #2 I’ll post some more of my favorite original pencils from this issue.  I absolutely love the way the final issue came out, but I still like to look at the original pencils and see how it all started.
Skirmish ready for a fight!

Skirmish with Sword
And Grimmy-Fu!

Grim Fu

Lil Horsemen #1: How Death and War Postponed the Apocalypse

The two team members of Revenant Publications are proud to present the FIRST issue of our FIRST official publication!
The interface allows you to zoom in, flip pages, and enjoy it better than if it was printed on full glossy paper!

Click Here for Issue 1

It was a great experience to produce this first issue, and I couldn’t have done it without, Raven Petty, my Revenant Publications partner.  Thanks for being my muse and motivation 🙂

And to…

Misty Bach

Brandon Combs

Kathy Lauder

Ron Peaks

Isaiah Petty

Joey Petty

Braxton Shoop

Todd Spainhour

Brad Trombley

Michael Wardlow

Zach West

…without your support and encouragement this project wouldn’t be what it was.

And to all our RevPub readers.  I hope this is the beginning of great things!