Story of the Month with Conan O’Brien


Cool Cat Conan

In honor of Sunday’s St. Patrick’s Day, this story of the month features a couple of cool Irish guys and a lovely lady.

Jessica and Chris at their wedding
Photo by Sarah B. Gilliam

Last autumn, my good pals Jessica and Chris were planning their wedding, and Chris decided to invite one of his favorite celebs, Conan O’Brien. To some, that seems a little nuts, but they went for it anyway.

For those who need a little background, Conan O’Brien is the host of shows such as Conan, The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and also worked on Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons. He hails from a large Irish Catholic family in Massachusetts and attended Harvard University. Not a bad resume.

As most of us know, celebrities have extremely busy schedules, so it wasn’t a shock that Conan was unable to attend. However, last month this showed up in the couple’s mailbox:

Autographed picture of Conan O'Brien with a custom message

What an awesome guy — Conan sent them a personally autographed picture! This just proves you should always try your ideas – even if the rest of the world thinks you’re nuts – because you never know what will happen.

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