The World’s End Original Artwork: To Err is Human

Off the PageOne of my favorite movies of the 2000s is Edgar Wright’s The World’s End.  The conclusion of the so-called “Cornetto-Trilogy,” the movie brings together everything Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and their acting company learned from their previous experiences; those they’ve completed together and those they’ve completed on their own. It’s hilarious, unique, moving, perfectly cast, wonderfully performed, and masterfully directed.  It’s a terrific film and the best original idea I can recall seeing in a decade or more.

Because of my OCDs I tend to get movies stuck in my head and this can result in binge watching movies or TV shows on repeat.  That was the case with World’s End several weeks ago.  Watching it, then with the writer’s commentary, then the cast commentary, then the technical commentary, then with the trivia subtitles, then just again with all of that behind-the-scenes knowledge, the movie truly got stuck in my head.  I had an idea for a drawing and just had to get it on paper.  This was the scene that stayed with me, along with The Sisters of Mercy song “This Corrosion”:


I started in light 4H pencil to get the basics down:


Then worked left to right to keep the 4B and 6B graphite from smearing too badly as I went:

errpar2 errpen4 errpen4a errpar5

In the end I had to take additional pictures from my Bluray copy of the movie in order to get the costume details accurate.  Each character took around 3 hours each with Gary King taking around 4-5 as he required the most work and it was most important to have his accoutrements correct.

The final version:


I decided to add the blue eyes for Gary’s “Blank” mates, which is different from the film but made a more powerful image.  I added the bright red “To Err is Human” the partial Pope reference purposefully misquoted by Gary in his confrontation with the Network and appearing correctly written on a wall in the epilogue.  The quote became the unofficial name of the drawing.

To make perhaps my artistic life, I posted the drawing on Twitter, not expecting too much only to find the next day Edgar Wright himself, my favorite active director, actually liked the Tweet.  I did a bit of minor bragging about this one!



Mega Byte me shirt design

Top Website Pick:

It’s birthday season 2013. From May to August, I have eight close friends and family to buys gifts for or think of something awesome to do. It’s like Christmas on a smaller scale.

A few years ago, my husband came across a site with some really creative T-shirts in all sorts of styles and colors. He geeked out, and I found a goldmine where I could buy cool gifts for my closest peeps.

What is Redbubble? is not just an ordinary site. It’s an online community of artists who create their designs and sell them on a number of items including calendars, kids’ clothes, iPhone cases, stickers and posters. New designs are created daily, and you never know what you’ll find. It’s also free to join, and there are no membership fees.

My favorite thing about Redbubble is that it’s all about the artists. As a member, there is a profit split between the site and the artist. For example, if you sell a shirt, Redbubble may get 30 percent, but the artist receives 70. This is more than fair considering Redbubble makes the product and ships it to the customer. And it’s a great product. I have ordered several things and am always more than happy with the quality.

The only complaint I’ve heard is the prices are too high. Well, think about this: you’re not paying a large corporation or big-wigs, you’re paying a company and an artist who worked to design something you may not find elsewhere. Creative work is some of the most challenging kind. Members can set the price mark-up, which is flexible, and I’ve noticed most do 25-30 percent. That’s probably a little below or average for regular retail.

Here are some favorites of mine – some I’ve ordered, some I want. I hope you will take time to browse the site and find that perfect gift for someone.




100th Post: And Now for a Taste of Things to Come!

When Raven and I started RevPub we wanted to have an outlet for all of our random thoughts, opinions, and interests.  We love posting our topics every week and find lots of new topics and threads we can follow and share with our readers.  Though we enjoy our weekly posts we never lose sight on our true goal, and that is to find a venue for our creative works.

Last October we introduced our first (and for me monumental) publication, Lil Horsemen #1: How Death and War Postponed the Apocalypse, a story I wrote as a teenager finally brought to full-color life as a graphic novel.  This was only the beginning of things and we have more Lil Horsemen and other series to come.

This post, as it’s our one-hundredth, I thought it would be a good time to share what we have in store for this year and beyond.

In the Spring/Summer of 2013 we’ll introduce the second adventure of Grimmy and Skirmish in Lil Horsemen #2: The Soulless Shoes.  This issue will introduce the other two Lil Horsemen, Smally Pox and Faminista.

(Sorry for the scan quality, I only had access to a consumer scanner this week…)

Below is the first design of Smally Pox!


And Faminista with her lil dog Fam-Fam:


By the end of this year we also hope to introduce the first installment of a continuing, more traditional, graphic novel action series, Bloody Bantam IV.  Introducing the gunslinging swordsman character, Bantam IV, aka “Quad the Merciless!”  I’m truly excited about this series.  I have the story arch planned and this, unlike the random fun of Lil Horsemen, is more of a traditional narrative.

These major projects aren’t all; we also have planned several new post series; a few one-shot comics; at least one more BIG Lil Horsemen adventure and several mini-adventures; new t-shirts and merchandise; and eventually the series to which Revenant Publications owes its namesake…

Here’s to 100 more posts!  Thanks for reading!