New Revenant Publications Merchandise on Redbubble

Exciting news! Many of our original designs have new products available on RedBubble, an online community of artists and creators.

With the holidays approaching, these make great gifts. Or if you want to treat yourself, we have lots of great ideas. Here’s a sampling for your viewing pleasure:

Moogle pencil skirt

Cute pencil skirts in many of our designs! Look at this cute Moogle pencil skirt!


Moogle laptop skin

Laptop skins and phone cases too!



skull slime stationary

Skull slime stationary! Have original designs just in time for getting back to school. Regular slime and Halloween designs are also available!


Mega Byte Me bags

Our most popular design is now in bags, skirts and more. Great old-school throwback!

Mega Byte Me cups

Cups too! These make great gifts.


Revenant Publications scarf

You know I’ll order one of these! With winter coming, I’m going to stay warm in style.

If you’d like to view Revenant Publication’s complete portfolio, check us out at

Thanks to all of our readers and followers, and if there’s a design up that you want in a specific product, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

Jem’s Rolls Royce and the Post Office Adventure

Who remembers this car/toy? This was Jem’s Rockin’ Roadster, released only in 1986. The next year it was replaced by the Glitter N’ Gold Roadster, which was probably more appealing to little girls. I disagree.

Jem Rolls Royce

I was 4 years old when the Rockin’ Roadster came out, and I believe Santa brought it to me. I was Jem obsessed – and still somewhat am – and had most of the dolls, accessories, books, tapes, and whatever else we could afford.

This car symbolizes my childhood. Crazy colors, fun, and energetic. Nearly 30 years later, when I hear “Jem” I think of this car.

And I found one. Oh yeah, I bought this fabulously 80s treat. Scheduled to arrive early this week, I had trouble containing my excitement. Not only was this more than affordable for what it was, but it was in great condition. Even the radio works.

The Post Office Fiasco

This week rolled around, and on Wednesday I received a slip saying the post carrier left the package with my apartment manager. I visited the office, and they didn’t have it. I remained calm and called the post office.

A wonderful lady took all my information, and said to check back later. On Thursday, I called the post office, and no one had seen it. This time I spoke to an idiot, who answered the phone laughing and put me on hold, so she could contain herself. Then she was useless and advised me to call Friday morning to speak to the carrier personally – “only they know what they did with the package.”

Friday morning came, and I called again. Thankfully, the nice lady answered and spoke to the carrier for me, and they had no idea where it was. The carrier’s daughter ran the route and said she left it in the package box. Well, guess what? She didn’t because it was way too big. And again, no one knew where it was.

By Saturday, I was about to have a nervous breakdown. When I placed the order last week, I had this terrible feeling something would happen to it because it was so special to me. That’s just my luck. I called the post office again and spoke to another useless person who was less than helpful. I had lots of errands to run but ended up back at the apartment office. I decided to check the packages for the third time, and my manager found it! Apparently, it had been dropped of late Friday afternoon.

After 10 minutes of getting through the packaging, the Jem Rockin’ Roaster has a new home! Here’s a full tour of its awesomeness!

Jem Rolls Royce

For scale: It’s 24 inches long.

Jem Rolls Royce

Gorgeous 80’s plastic chrome. Only the top cars had this feature.

Jem Rolls Royce

Roomy interior, but it was hard fitting the huge dolls.

Jem Rolls Royce

Missing the stick shift, but the hot-pink interior more than makes up for it.

Jem Rolls Royce

Beautiful curves and gem white-wall wheels.

Jem Rolls Royce

Check out the working FM radio! I mis-remembered this as a tape player, but I do credit the radio for my love of The Monkies. It picks up a whopping three channels and provided music on many days!

Jem Rolls Royce

Pimpin’ in 80’s style. The end.


Working From Home: An Insider’s Guide

About a month ago, I took a new job that allows me to work remotely. My location no longer matters. As long as I have a good Internet connection, I can do my job. I’ve had a lot of people ask what it’s like, or do I like working from home? The answer. Yes, it’s awesome.

Summer in Tennessee

My view most days

I know many authors, illustrators, artists, etc. work from home, but this is the first job I’ve had where I’m able to. As this concept becomes more popular in the workplace, I wanted to share my thoughts on working from home:

Wear whatever you want. I love this for two reasons. 1) My thermostat is set to a warmer temperature than an office, so I can wear shorts and skirts and not freeze. 2) There’s no dress code. If I want to wear a T-shirt, I can. If I want to dye my hair bright pink, I can. I have not worked in my pajamas one time. I still like to get up and get dressed; although I may work in lounge clothes while I have coffee.

Set your own schedule. I’ve had some people tell me I’d sleep in. Or I’d work at night. Nope. I’m up between 5:30 and 6:30 a.m., and online within 10 minutes. However, I can sleep in if I want to. I can work whatever hours I want. I can work weekends if I need a day off through the week. Not having to work a set schedule has actually made me more productive, and I work about 45-50 hours a week, but it doesn’t feel like it.

Watch what you want. I cannot tell you how many Supernatural episodes I’ve watched – or listened to – the last month. Or how many movies. I also turn off the TV and listen to music some days. Every day is different, and I can work to whatever I’m in the mood for.

No more sick days. Last week, I had a virus for three days. Fever, no energy, the whole thing. And I still worked a full week. I worked when I could, took things slow, rested, and recovered quickly. There was no getting behind. I answered emails from my couch, and took naps when I needed. And I still got the work done.

It saves your car. It’s no secret I love my car. My little Z is getting older though. Not commuting so much has resulted in less wear and tear, less gas, very little traffic, and no road rage. A quarter of a tank lasts me two to three weeks. I still leave the house several times a week, but it’s only if I want or need to. If I don’t feel like it, I stay home.

You eat healthier and exercise more. I get up from the desk more. I exercise more and eat healthier. I take my dog for walks, and/or play with him. I swim. I drink way less caffeine. And my house stays clean. There’s no more laundry once a week, or I don’t have time to vacuum. A clean house keeps me at peace, so I use chores as little mini breaks. This keeps me active and happy!

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • To avoid cabin fever, get out regularly. Grocery store, park, coffee shop, wherever. Also, take the time to meet new people. It helps break up the day.
  • You can feel a little cut off. To help, I schedule phone calls or lunch with friends, or I email and text. It keeps me up to date and gives me some human interaction throughout the day.
  • Stay disciplined. I actually cannot sleep in due to grown-up responsibilities, so I have to get up early. If I didn’t, I may sleep in, but setting a semi-routine helps keep you on the same schedule, and you’re not working around the clock.
  • Have a designated space. I seldom work away from my space. I want to relax on my couch, not work. Set up an office space of some sort, so your entire home is not a workplace.If you work from home, we’d love to hear your tips and experiences. Feel free to share them below!