Our Three-Year Anniversary

We’re happy to announce RevPub celebrated its three-year anniversary in March 2015! Thank you to everyone who has supported us through following, comments, or merchandise. Thank you to everyone who shares and relates to our sometimes crazy posts.

Revenant Publications

Your RevPub team!

I’ve been asked several times why I post to RevPub? I’ve had people ask, “if you don’t get paid for it, why bother?” And my answer is always the same: Because it’s fun, and to me, that is enough.

Why Do We Blog?

When James and I first started the site, it was to store our creative projects. And if you have followed us from the beginning, you know we have evolved to have hundreds of posts covering everything from lost pets to movies and personal art.

It eventually became a place where we could share our opinions, projects, reviews, and even our first digital comic book, created from a story James wrote when he was a teenager. We could have something happen that triggered a post idea, and there it was. Blogging is about being able to be yourself, and that’s what we do. We’re just us.

Another great thing about blogging is that you can go back and reminisce about the posts. I remember posting about our first comic con and International Tabletop Game Day. Blogging is similar to Facebook in the social aspect, but blogging really lets you express yourself, and it’s more intimate. I love talking with our readers, and reading what they post, too. It’s the one social platform I’m never annoyed with.

Our Start

James and I have been friends for 17 or so years. In 2011, when we first created the site, his first post was Remakes and Reboots – Part 1, where he discusses the perfect remake. It’s interesting his post three years later was Remakes and Reboots Redux: Part 1, when he was once again inspired by the film industry. My first post was a scarf I knitted for a friend’s mom. It’s still one of my favorites.

I remember being a little nervous about posting it and wondered if people would like it. And looking back, I had no idea what I was doing – the pic is tiny! (But you can click on it if you’d like to see the details.) Even though I was nervous, it felt good to get it out there. After a year hiatus, we picked it back up regularly, and that’s when it really became something. Everything became a post idea and still is. And neither of us are afraid to put something out there. We’ve come a long way.

I encourage anyone considering starting a blog to do so. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming or work. It can and should always be fun. If you’re afraid to put it something out there, then just write a draft and publish when you’re ready. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Just be you!

Thanks again to all our readers, and we look forward to another three years with you! We have much more coming, including top three posts, so watch out world!

Plagiarism: Just Don’t Do It

plagiarism cartoon

Photo by: guides.library.vu.edu.au

Earlier this week I was surfing the Web and came across a fellow blogger who has been accused of plagiarism because guest bloggers on his site plagiarized content. After feeling defeated he said he would no longer blog, but thankfully has since changed his mind and is active again. More than 50,000 people follow this guy…

This infuriated me. This blogger who uses it to relieve stress and express himself was put in the position to give up something he loves because someone plagiarized – the fancy word for stealing someone else’s work.

So how does one plagiarize?

It’s really not that difficult to understand. If someone else said, wrote, painted, sang, created, etc…something, and you try to claim it as your own, you have plagiarized. If you used it in any way without permission from the creator, or if they allow permission, but you do not credit them, it’s plagiarism.

What’s the big deal?

Those who create things – writers, photographers, illustrators, designers, programmers, musicians, anyone considered an artist – work HARD to create things and usually pour their heart into it. It’s just wrong, and why would you steal from some random stranger who’s never done anything to you?

People can also get sued or in serious trouble, hence the copyright laws and usage. There’s a reason people put the © symbol on their creations. It’s a way of saying this is mine, and in my professional world, if you violate it, you’re gone. Do not pass go. You know where the door is.

It’s a violation and insulting. My biggest problem is that most people don’t think about it or care. If it’s on the Internet, it’s fair usage. Wrong. Other people are intentionally trying to cause harm, and karma will find those people one day.

How to avoid it:

  1. Credit everything you use. Photos, quotes, copy, everything. If you did not create it, it belongs to someone else.
  2. Don’t try it. Those of us who know what to look for, look for it. We know if it doesn’t sound right, and a quick Google search will confirm or deny it. It takes 5 seconds.
  3. Respect the creator(s). Most of us don’t mind you using our stuff with credit. There’s a lot of awesome stuff out there, and it should be shared. However, respect the people who put in the time and hard work.
  4. If you can’t create something, try harder. For example, maybe you think you’re terrible writer, so you decide to “borrow” someone else’s writing. Stop. It’s lazy. If you feel that way, do what’s necessary to make it better. Take a class, send it to a trusted proofreader or friend, read books on improving your writing, practice. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but by the end of it, you’ll be a better writer and have self-respect.
  5. If you’re unsure if it’s plagiarism, it probably is. Better to be safe than sorry, so ask for permission and reread No. 1. There are also great sites that check for plagiarism, and there’s no shame in checking! Try: Grammarly’s.

Feel free to share your thoughts about plagiarism in the comments section below!

A Celebration of Color

It was a long, cold winter here in the South. We had an ice storm, snow, sleet, and I managed to survive being snowed in for a total of two weeks – one of which was my birthday week. I hate cold weather. I hate everything about it, and even though it’s necessary for the life cycle, I despise winter.

Winter 2015, Nashville

This was my view for most of February. As pretty as it was, the brown got old lol.

When spring came around this year, I was desperate for color, and I realized how important color is to our mood, energy level, and overall well-being. A simple addition can brighten up a room and make you feel better. So here’s a quick celebration of color, which also inspired me to paint (sneak peek)!

blue pillows

I started improving my mood by redecorating a little. Throw pillow covers and pillows, new rugs, and new placements. These immediately brightened things up!

Next came the flowers! Inside and out. I keep fresh flowers on my table at all times, but these were recent bouquets, and they were perfect because they always give me something pretty to look at!

mixed flowers

yellow roses

spring time flowers

Last weekend I planted these beauties. Now that the grass is getting greener, they’re the perfect outside addition.

And last, the work in progress…This started as a green and black canvas I painted out of boredom. I was so inspired by color and my flowers, I decided to paint one of my favorites: the iris. I will post about the finished product once its complete, but there will be two paintings. I don’t claim to be an artist, but it goes to show that color can bring out the artist in anyone!

white iris paintingFeel free to share your springtime happiness in the comments section, and Happy Warmer Weather and Happy Easter to all those who celebrate this time of year!